Here’s a little bit about me.. (and you!)

Hi friends – or should I say, fellow misfits?

If you are here because you are my friend, well I suppose I should say thanks for supporting my projects as usual. If you are a random person from the internet wondering what, or WHO, the heck is The Mod Misfit, well WELCOME ABOARD MATE!

First of all, let me introduce myself – my name is Nelly, former Montrealer currently living in the GTA – Mississauga (Sauga for the real ones). I moved in Ontario back in September for a really awesome internship with a morning TV show called Breakfast Television Toronto. It was quite a challenging experience but one that has increased my skills in communications, journalism and social media.

Since then, I’ve been working in jobs involving cooking (which is pretty awesome also), I’m finishing my degree in Journalism (I’m done with all of my journalism classes, now  I’m finishing some electives online) and finally, looking into different potential cool and realistic jobs to advance my career. Even though I realize I have quite a bit on my plate, I felt like it wasn’t enough – that I needed something to keep me entertained and find a way to connect with people online somehow.

I vlog a bit and I have some podcast ideas and it’s all great yet I don’t have a platform with set ideas or a structure really. Which is why I decided to create the website – a place where I can practice my journalism skills and assemble all of my work directed to one address and also a way where I know I will HAVE to write so that the website keeps on going.

One thing that was clear to me is that I wanted to write about everything that I find exciting – which is a lot of stuff. I love geek/superheroes movies, TV shows, the cosplay world, music, fashion, hair stuff and more! You see, my passions are very wide and this is why I decided to just write about all of them. I know, it sounds a little intense because none of them are really connected to each others.

It felt great to know that my direction so far was set but the name for the website wasn’t as easy to be found. I spent HOURS googling words and going on the dictionary’s website for inspiration. FUN FACT: Did you know that the Thesaurus website has bunch of blog articles about facts on words and more? It’s my new favourite one, just saying.

So anyways, I eventually found a name that made TOTAL sense (and also wasn’t taken like the first 12 perfect names I had found.)

The Mod Misfit.

I was juggling between geek and misfit but with a modern twist to it. As in, yes I do realize that I feel like I’m a bit of misfit but a modernized version of it – stay with me for a second there and let me explain.

As much as I have different group of friends which all fulfill my happiness when I’m with them as I share many interests with them, I realize that there are still some subjects that I just don’t connect with any of them. I know I’m not the only one that feels like that – that feels like a bit of misfit. And honestly, that’s OKAY! Actually, this is AWESOME – because I KNOW that they feel the same. I profoundly insist in my belief that we have become a society of modern misfits.

According to me, myself and I, the internet has obviously played a huge part in how we are as a society. With the world wide web, we can all enjoy something different than our peers and therefore, it makes us modern misfits. Why? Because not all our friends will understand our weird passions and this makes us misfit.

The Merriam Webster’s Definition of Misfit: a person who is different from other people and who does not seem to belong in a particular group or situation.

Personally, I don’t feel like I don’t completely belong – but sometimes I feel disconnected when I don’t understand one of my friend’s interests or why would they even be interested in that.

So anyways, the goal of the website is to show you that 1) it’s totally possible to enjoy different things, 2) you should completely accept being a modern misfit because it’s truly a great feeling.

Of course, if you are a fan of the things I will be writing about then stay connected to the website – and if you can relate to my thoughts then stay connected to my blog included in the website where I will be writing different opinion articles.

Yours truly,

Nellz, The Mod Misfit.

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