Top 10 times I wanted to steal Blair Waldorf’s closet

Gossip Girl’s Queen B, Blair Waldorf, had a closet to DIE for throughout the show. Which makes sense since her mother was a fictional successful fashion designer. But still, whatever Blair would wear was the next trend that every girls would follow to make sure we would find our Chuck.  Here’s a top 10 of my favourite things she wore on the show.

  1. The Red Square Coat


I’m obsessed with how amazing this coat looks on her. I personally would never have the balls to wear this but Blair pulls it off so well! I find it very chic but with a touch of the 90s grunge style which I am just in love with! I guess she took some fashion advice from Little J ;).

  1. The Sporty Black&White Heels


I usually hate these kinds of heels because when I think of heels, I think chic and not too comfortable. I feel like when heels are too comfortable, they look too comfortable which is not necessarily a good thing, but these shoes prove the contrary! Blair’s heels look effortlessly pretty and comfortable and I think she could totally rock this with any of her daily outfits. Aka, I want these shoes.

  1. The Pink Puffy Dress


Even though the picture focuses more on the shoes, I am all about the dress. I feel like this is the kind of dress that every teenage girl dreams of wearing whenever the occasion presents itself – for example, a bar mitzvah, a wedding or a prom! I am totally in love with this dress and the colour is still going very strong today. I mean, who doesn’t love a good burgundy?

  1. The Classic Navy Buttoned Coat (with Chuck Bass as a hot accessory)


Okay so I’ve always dreamed of being chic enough to have this type of coat but unfortunately I’ve never got my hands on it – YET (or maybe will I never be this chic?) Anyways, this coat looks SO good and yes, it’s simple – but simplicity looks so good when it’s worn well. And also, can I have an amen for B & C?! A couple who dresses classy together SLAYS together *clappin’ hands emoji*

  1. Preppy School Girl Look


For this particular look, there’s not really one piece of clothing that I prefer more than the other but it’s EVERYTHING together! I know that this is not her school uniform but the whole look screams school girl who doesn’t have time for your clueless fashion taste because that’s who she is. From the shoes to the tights to the bag and the coat and the skirt and the headband – *breathes* Anyways this look is so cute and I would love to sport it basically every day if I could.

  1. 50 shades of Green


Have they already cast Poison Ivy for the upcoming Gotham City Sirens movie because I’m positive that Blair Waldorf should do it. All the different shades of green and transition on this dress suits the young fashion princess SO MUCH! I love it and really appreciate the little floral details. There are many of them on the dress but they are not excessive. Just enough in the upper part of the dress and some more in the bottom part and darker tone of the dress to please your eye – and girl, my eyes are pleased.

  1. The White Princess Wedding Dress


Ok, it was really hard for me to not put this dress higher in the countdown because this is legit the dress of my dreams if I ever get married (I only take applications if your name start with a C and your last name is Bass). Unfortunately, it’s not all about me, it’s all about Queen B (DUH) and the styles that she rocked the most. She looks gorgeous but knowing that this was one of the saddest moment of her life (marrying Louis Grimaldi who during their first dance as a married couple LITERALLY told her that he wasn’t in love with her) well this dress only deserves #4 in the ranking.

  1. Buttoned Gold Coat


I know, I know – I am obsessed with coats. BUT CAN YOU BLAME ME WHEN SHE HAS SUCH GOOD TASTE FOR COATS?! Also I am from Montreal/Toronto and it’s pretty cold here so I obviously love coats and any piece of clothing that will protect me from the freezing cold and make me look good. Anyways, this coat looks amazing on her and it literally makes her SHINE! She’s legit sparkling even though she has her resting bitch face on BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER! You know why? Cause she looks great with the coat.

  1. Ice Skating Princess


Remember how I just mentioned I’m from Canada? Well, this means that I skate a lot and of course I will be obsessed with a chic skating look sported by Blair. The fabric looks so soft and she looks adorable in that beautifully square-patterned ensemble. Also, the white tights accompanied by the white skates are literally perfect. If I’d have to skate to my job every single day well I’d wear this everysingleday.

  1. The Iconic Blue Wedding Dress


There’s a few reasons why this dress got the #1 spot. Yes, she has wore prettier things and her hair has looked better in other scenes but this is not important. No, not when you are marrying the love of your life. As much as she’s not really smiling in that picture, the rush of getting married and the way they exchanged their vows and said their ‘I dos’ was so much more perfect than what she wore. And this piece of clothing was part of the process of this loving moment. Sorry guys, sometimes moments are more important than fashion.

Comment which was your favourite item of clothing that Blair wore throughout the show and which character would you like me to do a top ten of their styles next!

You know you love me,

Xoxo, The Mod Misfit

*sorry I couldn’t resist

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