Am I just bad with technology?

This week did not go as well as I expected.

I would be lying if I said that it was a complete disaster, but it didn’t go very well neither. Well, when it comes to technology, I should say, it definitely didn’t go well.

I use my phone and my laptop everyday and almost all of the time. Now, what happens when both of them let me down IN THE SAME WEEK IN LESS THAT 2 DAYS??? Well, stress, anxiety, panic and just profound frustration.

It all started on Tuesday when my back up phone (yes, because my actual phone has been at Fido’s repair sector for almost two months) just stopped working completely. Not even the charger would work or the special rebooting of your phone ( you know which one I’m talking about – hold the volume and the lock screen button and miraculously your phone will be up in an instant) well, no it didn’t work for me. SO I decided to go to Fido and see if they had a back up phone – and trust me when I say that I was lucky enough to get somewhat of an understanding response from the clerk.

‘ehhh, what are you saying? Ohhh you want me to go see if we have a back up phone, riiiiight okayyyyy?!!’

Omg, a turtle would’ve gave me a faster answer. Yet, of course, no back up phones at this location.

So I decide to go to another Fido store and to my surprise, the service was wonderful. Got a back up phone and everything – so that was that.

Now, yesterday… I used my laptop all day, ok? No problem at all. I didn’t drop it at anytime but for some reason, around 11pm, the screen decides to separate itself from the actual machine?!!! I was freaking out. More panicking, obviously.

Brought the computer to Canada Computer this afternoon and hopefully I’ll get some good news but omg, again the service was horrible.

I mean, I didn’t know they hired turtles in the department of customer service for anything involving technology. UGH!

Anyways, so here I am, after my cooking shift, trying to find a way to pass my time in a productive way – and 20 minutes passed with no computer and totally felt like I wasn’t doing anything. And that’s when my cousin asked me if I wanted to use his computer when, honestly, I was about to start writing with my back up phone.

So voila – this is my week so far. I mean, I’ve never been lucky with technology – lost a camera, 3 iPods, and bunch of random other stuff. Seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!!! I’m so mad at myself right now. But I guess the recent stuff isn’t really a thing that I should blame myself for.

I still feel like I will be writing on my phone for the next few days or week, but that’s fine.



TheModMisfit, xo. 

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