And I’ll be dancing with myself..

In life, I believe we have two options: waiting for opportunities to happen or creating opportunities for ourselves. I prefer to create rather than waiting for my moment. I think it’s also fair to say that we can apply this to different scenarios. Let me take you to my night out yesterday.

I think it’s always entertaining to see guys hitting on girls – what’s their approach, are they gonna get handsy all over them, are the girls down for that? I’m a very detail oriented person and also love to watch people’s mannerism (I sound like a weird and crazy scientist, which I’m not – I swear). So anyways – I saw my friends hitting on girls which was fine, and funny even. Eventually, they started grinding with them which you know, is the common law of club dancing at 12:30 a.m.. But a weird feeling started to hit me – not jealousy but more a ‘wtf/I wanna dance too’ type of feeling. For some reason though, all the rest of the friend group were just watching some of the grinders, well, grinding to one of my fave songs by Christina Aguilera (Dirrty) And for a second, the world stopped turning (I’m pretty sure that’s because I was sobering up but that’s not the point right now) and I realized that I didn’t have to stand there like some sardine in a can and that I should spread my fish tails and swim somewhere else. Basically, I decided to go dance on the stage like nobody was watching me.

I just loved dancing so freely and not giving a single fuck whether or not the guy at the bar was gonna ask me to dance with him because I don’t need some random to dance on some iconic XTina song. I mean, why would I care? If it’s someone I actually like, then yes, maybe I will try to dance with them but you know who I love? Well, that’s me. As I should – because there is no one else better than me in that particular moment that knows which dance moves I wanna execute based on the song.

I know, I am turning this into a life lesson – and I’m not even sorry about it. I always enjoy referring to my two pop cultures icon, Cher Horowitz from Clueless and SpongeBob SquarePants. When my inner Cher is unsure how she should handle the situation but definitely knows the only person she deserves at that particular moment is herself, well my inner SpongeBob jumps in and reassures her that whatever happens, it’s gonna be fine because she’s gonna get the Krabby Patty at the end of the night and go home and sleep with Garry.

How do I interpret this exactly? Well, the situation is me having the courage of dancing by myself and then the Krabby Patty is obviously the street meat waiting for me and Garry is my Demi-Veemon plush mixed with my favourite pillow. Yes, I have a Digimon plush – you jealous bro?

To sum it up, dancing by yourself is fine – especially when there’s a stage so that you make sure that whoever has been pissing you off knows that nothing will ever stop you from dancing.

xo, TheModMisfit

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