I finally relate to the Grinch.

The Grinch’s new trailer just came out and it’s everything I didn’t realize that I needed. I mean, at least for the beginning of the trailer.

First of all, I did not even know that there was gonna be a remake of the iconic movie – or at least some kind of adaptation. And, to be honest, not knowing about it and being pleasantly surprised was awesome. No expectationsnothing! I just happily clicked on the video that I found on my Facebook feed and then, the improbable happened. I realized that I was never Cindy Loo Who; I was the Grinch.

You see, in this updated version of the Grinch, our little green friend is woken up by what some would call the happiest song ever – well not me. That’s right, I’m a stone-cold human who hates the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.

I’ve never had a moment when I kinda liked the song – no. I’ve always hated it from its very beginning and will always – always hate it.

Let me give you a little back story to explain why I have so much hate for this song by a producer and singer that I kinda do like and respect.

The song came out in late 2013 but really became popular in 2014 and as much as I was in a pretty ‘happy’ time, I was going through some really rough times.

I was in a committed relationship which was going well but unfortunately had a ‘break-up’ with a few of my old best friends – and for something so, so stupid. Something that I still cannot completely admit to myself because it fucking hurts my heart to think how naive I was back then. But the past is the past and people grow. Yet, in that time, I felt so fucking alone. SO SO SO alone! I was surrounded by people I enjoyed and some that I did love, but the people that were there for me my whole life were not around me anymore – and I would miss them everyday. I would even dream of them and wake up feeling scared and alone.

Clearly, I was not happy. (But too proud or nervous to say it out loud)

So how does one feel when they are so sad but the whole world is HAPPY AF? Well, even more sad.

Ugh, the radio would play it alllllll the time and everyone – everywhere – would play it constantly and dance to it. It was horrible. It made me feel so weird about my feelings of sadness and the most horrible part is that I wouldn’t do anything about it.

Anyways, I’m not gonna make a big emotional life story post about it. My point is though, that I’ve always thought that I was the only weird person who didn’t enjoy the song ‘Happy’ because, when you listen to it and manage to analyze it, it is a pretty cool song.

Yet, today, four years later after my lonesome misery and hatred towards the song, I’ve come to realize that I am not the only one who hates the song.


And it makes sooo much sense. How have I never realized it before? Obviously the Grinch would hate a song that legit keeps on saying “cause I’m happy” – well guess what, world. THE GRINCH AND I ARE NOT HAPPY. At least, with this song.

It feels soooooooo good to finally have someone by my side, even though it’s a fictional character. I can finally hate on it with someone else.

Anyways, this made me 50x more enthusiastic to see the new Grinch movie and I can’t wait to see it surrounded by bunch of little 10 years old. YAY!

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