How to cosplay like Riverdale’s Jughead Jones

Some love him, some are obsessed. Others? Well, they just wanna be like him. And now, with cosplaying being cool and all, you can finally dress up like Cole Sprouse’s dark character, Jughead Jones.

First off, the beanie.

You cannot be Jughead Jones without the infamous beanie. Whether you see it in the comic book version of Archie or the show, the hamburger obsessed is always wearing his beanie. I mean, he’s weird after all, isn’t he?


Well, I did my research, and the cheapest and best option is to get it from Hot Topic’s online store. The beanie is 100% acrylic and is a one size only. I know some cosplayers have been using that one in particular and have been liking it a lot!

Now that you have the beanie, you need to rep where you come from, and that’s from the South side of Riverdale. Do you get what I’m saying? THE SOUTH SIDE LEATHER JACKET! Yes, it’s possible to find it online also. Then again, you can find anything online at this point.

There are a few options for the jacket, you can either get it from Amazon or from Denzy Creation’s on Etsy  where you have the option to get a real leather jacket or an artificial one. If you want to be a little crafty and choose a jacket of your liking, you can also simply get a Southside Serpent patch to iron on your jacket. KieronCollective sells the patch on Etsy as well if you decide to go with this option.

Now, besides the obvious pieces of clothing that makes Juggy, well, Juggy, you will to find yourself a white/black tank top or t-shirt and an over sized plaid shirt to wrap around your waist. Surprinsingly, and not really surprising actually at the same time, Walmart has some ridiculously cheap and not bad looking shirts that can work for the cosplay. This one seems like a good fit if you want to be Jughead!

Finally, for the shoes – if you’re a guy, black shoes or sneakers are fine. If you’re a girl, I highly recommend (and that’s what I’m going to do) to get a pair of “Doc Martens” style boots.


Since Doc Martens is quite expensive, you can surely find these boots for half the price (or even less) at Ardene, Urban Planet and finally at Forever 21.

If you’ve got all these, you’re all set! Now go find a burger shop near you and go with your best bud Archie and enjoy a good milkshake!

When are you planning on dressing up like Jughead? Let me know in the comments!

xo, The Mod Misfit.

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