I cried because of a horror movie..

Ok, so here’s something I don’t really understand. Why do people find it entertaining to go to a closed dark space and watch something THEY KNOW will scare the sh*t out of them?! Why? Why do people do this?

Well, I tried it, finally. It wasn’t my first horror movie. I think it was possibly my 5th one, ever. I’m just not a fan of horror movies, but I’ve always been very curious about understanding what is so popular about horror movies. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like being a little frightened, but you know, just A LITTLE – that’s why I watch American Horror Stories.

So yeah, I do enjoy the horror genre a little bit. My family was going to watch this new movie called “Hereditary” and I thought to myself “Ok, I’m not a 10 years-old anymore and I can go watch a horror movie in a cinema..”

Well, I was wrong. I am still a 10 years-old frightened little kid. Why? I cried because I was too scared and the fright was too much to handle.


And the funniest part is that the monsters were not even the thing I was scared about, neither the cinematography actually. Like, I know it’s all fake – OBVIOUSLY. But damn, the actor’s game was STRONG! The dialogue was raw and OUF, let’s not talk about these deadly silences.

I think that’s what got me, the long silences. Not knowing what’s gonna happen even though you know what’s gonna happen. Makes sense?

I still watched the whole movie and actually low key enjoyed it by the end but ugh, the emotions it made go through was intense.

Have you seen Hereditary yet? Have you cried because of a horror movie? Let me know in the comments!

xo The Mod Misfit. 



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