Movie Review: Hereditary

Genre: Horror

Runtime: 127 minutes

Starring Toni Colette, Alex Wolff, Gabriel Byrne and Milly Shapiro


The story focuses on Annie Graham, an artist who create miniature houses, and her family after they suffer a loss in the family. The movie starts with a wide open shot of one of the miniature house with a zoom-in to a room where a boy wakes up. This scene creates confusion in understanding what is reality in this movie. 

We then follow the family to the matriarch’s funeral service. Annie is accompanied with her husband, Steve, and their two children, the stoned teenager Peter and the awkward and very shy Charlie.

Annie seems to have trouble processing emotions after her mother’s death and eventually uncovers some disturbing facts about her family following some tragic events. Due to her being unstable, the family starts drifting apart accentuating a very dark rivalry between Annie and Peter.

The movie resembles the old school horror movies of the 60s and 70s. Not necessarily gore or disgusting, but the real horror is the psychology of the characters and the very disturbing silences that occur in the movie. Collete gives Annie an obsessive and paranoid personality but still we somewhat feel compassion for her, until the movie focuses more on Peter, played by the former child actor, Alex Wolff, who completely nailed his part. In these 127 minutes, you forget that he made his beginning with the Disney channel. Wolff knows how to play the part and each scenes that he’s part of, completely submerges you into his character making you forget about his even darker past (which is, obviously, being a part of the Disney crew).

This movie had some funny parts, some scary parts that will possibly make you cry because of some of the scenes that are so close to reality, which seems to be what the director tried to achieve – not being able to differentiate reality from fiction in the movie itself.

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