Opening up about my goals for the blog.

I started following the WordPress class on Branding and Growth for blogging. The first task they gave me to do was to create goals for the blog – realistic goals. To do that, I also had to explain why I created the blog and the purpose of it.

I created the blog to create a connection with you guys, future readers and somewhat people across the world. I eventually want to create a clothing brand that people can feel comfortable wearing and that when they wear it they can think that they are not alone. I want to create a community with my blog and that people can feel safe knowing that when they feel alone, well that they have a community supporting them.

Also, definitely with that brand I would not only create a community but also attract customers. I mean, I wanna make it clear that my point is to create a safe space online and outside, but I do need to get some income somehow also!

My goals would be to get 40% more followers by the beginning of August, start selling merchandise through the blog and finally publish my daily content such as “Artist of the Day”, “How to Cosplay” and “Movie Review” (this one is weekly) and make at least one to two article/blog post daily for the next two months.

It’s a bit scary, I won’t lie. There are times when I’m super excited about it and other when I’m feeling super low in confidence. But I know, or at least I’m understanding more the purpose of the blog and the brand as I’m creating it. So for now, these are the goals – and when I will get to these goals, new ones will be set.

xo, The Mod Misfit. 

One thought on “Opening up about my goals for the blog.”

  1. Congratulations and good job on putting your goals out there! i just joined this challenge myself os I’ll be working on mine shortly. 🙂

    Did you finish the challenge and if os how did you like it?


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