Do you even “bulletproof” bro?

When someone asks me what I eat in the morning I give them one simple answer: coffee.

And this is where the confusion starts. 

They don’t understand that what I mean when I say coffee, I don’t just mean black coffee with added sugar or milk (which I actually never add when I drink coffee). No. What I mean is bulletproof coffee.

You might wonder what’s is it?

Bulletproof coffee? Just another thing that the kids invented!”

My bulletproof coffee this morning in the coolest mug ever. I mean, I’m a geek right?

Well, bulletproof coffee is probably the best thing you could feed your brain in the morning.

Bulletproof coffee is a “high-performance drink that has a massive impact on your energy and cognitive function.” Basically it boosts your energy levels and mental clarity, lowers your hunger and it’s super tasty. 

It’s also super easy to make – all you need is a French press, black coffee, MCT oil, grassfed unsalted butter, cocoa and your set!

You just blend it all together and voila!

I fucking love it and feel like my productivity has increased since I’ve been drinking it regularly. It makes my heard burst of happiness when I have my first sip actually. It’s just SO good and the effects are really powerful.

Have you ever tried bulletproof coffee? Do you like it or hate it? Comment away!

xo, The Mod Misfit.

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