#MyTopFive: Panic! At The Disco

My favourite band Panic! At The Disco just had their new album, Pray for the Wicked debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200 album charts and to celebrate, I thought I would share my top five favourite songs from the band!

Since their new album just dropped, I’m only going to focus on my faves from the past five albums. I love the new album but I want to concentrate on the first five that has continuously made me fall in love with this amazing band.

5. I Write Sins Not Tragedies

I honestly thought that I would put this song a little higher in my top five but let’s be honest, all of their songs are my favourite songs so I had to be very picky with my choosing. Anyways, so IWSNT, just like anybody else who is a longtime fan of Brendon Urie, was my first introduction to the band. I remember being 11 years old (THIS WAS ALMOST 13 YEARS AGO WTF), watching the french version of Much Music called Musique Plus (which is the exact translation) and they were playing new videos. So right after the channel played a Pussycat Dolls video (lol, remember that era?) well, the video that changed ALL OF OUR LIVES was finally out. Wow, I remember how weird I first thought they were but I automatically loved it. My friends? Eh, a little less. It’s actually around that time that I started being the weird one in the group. But yeah this song introduced me to the pop-punk-emo genre and since then I’ve been an addict of the genre. So, THANK YOU P!ATD for being my music messiah with this video.

**Side note, I remember for my 12th birthday party I got three CDs – Gwen Stefani’s Love. Angel. Music. Baby., PCD’s self-titled album and Panic’s debut album. OH LORD ONLY KNOWS HOW MY MOM WAS PETRIFIED SEEING ALL ME RECEIVING ALBUMS WITH UNDRESSED WOMEN POSITIONING IN A VERY QUESTIONABLE WAY LOL #GOODTIMES

4. Let’s Kill Tonight

So, I unfortunately wasn’t a fan of the second album. Maybe I was too young to understand how great it was back then, but now I do appreciate  the evolution between the first and second album. I should probably have a listen to it again and maybe try connecting with it… OH WELL! But yeah, like I said, I pretty much skipped the second album and when they came back with a third album, I jumped back into the P!ATD bandwagon. At this point, I think I was 16 or 17 and therefore was more mature to receive anything that the band would throw into their sound. And guess what? I loved it. I remember listening to “Let’s Kill Tonight” and was just obsessed with the song. It still had the fun weird vibes from A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out (first album) but it also had a more progressive rock and roll sound which I loved! This song was basically my link back to the band.

3. This is Gospel

I know, I’m actually shocked at myself that “This is Gospel” isn’t the first song in this little personal countdown. Yet, for one that contains pretty much all of my favourite songs, #3 is pretty much another way of saying #1 for me. Anyways, this song is just so special to me (and many other peopleI know). When he screams “If you love me let me go” I get shivers all over me. In the video he plays dead person on a table while doctors are doing an autopsy with his body and he’s about to be sent off into somewhere (we’re not sure if it’s hell or heaven yet) so for the context of the video, this sentence means to let go of a loved one when they pass away cause it’s the only way to deal with it. I like to interpret this song as a break up song ( which I’m definitely not the only one, cause I’m pretty positive that it’s also one of the meaning of the song). Sometimes a person will fall out of love and will need the other person who’s still in love with them to let them go if they truly love them. This is kind of what happened in my ex-relationship and therefore this is why I feel so connected to this song. I completely understand how Brendon felt when he wrote it and the scream and passion he has when singing it is how I felt inside when going through my break up.

2. But It’s Better If You Do

THIS SONG IS JUST SO GOOD *INSERT CLAP EMOJIS*. Fun piano, a very rocking chorus and my first introduction to the consequences on having a loved one treating you like shit which could potentially lead you to treating them like shit. I mean, if you watch the video you will understand. Brendon and his fake wife have a fight and he leaves her (when she’s “innocently” crying) for the cabaret to get lap dances from other ladies. Until he gets a lap dance from one who catches his eye AND GUESS WHAT? It’s his fake wife all along! So they were playing themselves and the actions they took by hurting each other really ended up hurting their own selves – aka, don’t do to others what you wouldn’t want them to do to you. Also, have I mentioned how this song is just so much fun to sing and dance to? UGH LOVE IT!

1. Hallelujah

Such a positive sounding song praising ALL THE SINNERS! This song makes me cry, laugh and gives me a lot of energy to dance also. I feel like this song teaches people that even if you fuck up sometimes, it’s better to do that and to learn from your mistakes  because you get to experience new emotions. It’s also a good reminder that making does not define you, it’s how you deal with them after that defines you. Even if you feel bad about having done something that is wrong, just lay on it and accept it and grow from it while experiencing the emotions of having hurt someone or yourself for that matter – DON’T JUST IGNORE IT!

What’s your favourite song from P!ATD and why? Leave a comment below!

xo, TheModMisfit.



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