I saw The Doobie Brothers for a second time and IT WAS EVERYTHING

I mean, I didn’t drink or got high – although I’m pretty sure that I got a buzz from the second hand smoke that was circulating through the Budweiser Stage’s field.

Before going into my experience about see The Doobie Brothers for a second time in my life, I must mention that I also did see Steely Dan. I only stayed for a couple of songs (my uncle wasn’t a big fan and honestly, I  don’t think that I missed out on much). The few songs that we stayed for though were fun but not my cup of tea.

Alright, so – like I mentioned, I went with my uncle Albert – Alb for short – and I think we had a lovely time! We got to the venue at around 6:45 PM and shared a poutine for supper before hitting up the ice cream truck – MUY HEALTHY!

We then went on to go find a spot on the lawn since we had general tickets. Honestly, 30$ to sit on the grass and enjoy some dope music is a pretty good deal in my opinion. I must mention also that we got the tickets from my aunt Sherry who didn’t feel well tonight and gave them to us – thank you tata! 

So we found a spot, threw our towel there and just chilled while eating the leftover of our ice creams.

The band came on at 7:30 PM sharp, which is the time that they were supposed to start at anyways.

Man oh man, this band is just so good. I honestly don’t know much of their repertoire but I remember the first time seeing them (which was three years ago already.. damn time flies) and just being in awe of their energy and how they improvised on stage. It was a real concert. And tonight? Well, I had the same experience.

I still don’t know too much of their songs – maybe I’m not that much of a fan when it comes to their music except for two or three songs – but ugh, as performers, I’m just obsessed!

The power that they have over the crowd was insane! Especially tonight, I was looking through the audience to see what was the demographic and I must say the concert was as much multicultural as it had a wide variety of age groups.

And eventually, THE song came up, “Listen to the music,” which got everyone – and by that I mean everyone – to dance, let loose and just really connect with the band. It was a beautiful moment which almost made me cry of happiness.

I was just SO happy! I was smiling the whole time and just couldn’t believe the luck I had to experience the incredible Doobie Brothers for a second time. They are truly out of this world and it’s just such a fun time to be at their concert. I believe they represent exactly what it is to be professional musicians in a successful band.

Their performance was fantastic tonight and it reminded me of the crazy power that music has over us. Listening to songs that can touch so many people’s emotions is so special in my opinion and I really felt pure happiness to be a part of the crowd tonight.

Thank you, Doobie Brothers, for performing so passionately that your music constantly goes through my beating heart.

xo, TheModMisfit. 

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