I Always Cry When I Watch Gilmore Girls’ Pilot Episode – and here’s why.

For some of you who still haven’t glued the pieces together, I’m very emotionally invested when it comes to TV shows or music. Maybe a liiittle too emotional.

Usually, I will start tearing up for a character maybe during the mid-season of a series of during the finale because that’s when you get to create a connection with that one character. Well, for some reasons when it comes to Gilmore Girls it only took the first 10 seconds of the show for me to ball my eyes out.

Yes. 10 seconds. 

The first 10 seconds introduces us to the show’s main character, the forever iconic and relatable Lorelai Gilmore, strolling down the streets of Stars Hollow right before walking in Luke’s Dinner begging for coffee (worth mentioning it was her 5th one that morning). 

The scene uses the song “There She Goes” by The LA’s for background/introductory music. I’m pretty sure that’s their only hit but sometimes it only takes one to get right in the feels. This song SCREAMS the 90s and maybe a part of the nostalgia I feel with this scene is due to that music.

I started watching Gilmore Girls when I was 7 or 8 years old, but I wouldn’t watch it religiously – in fact, I didn’t like it that much (I was too busy trying to get over my fear of Buffy the Vampire Slayer). I was always intrigued by Lorelai though. And now thinking about it more intensely, I have a few more theories to why I cry at the beginning of the show and this relates to Lorelai particularly.

She reminds me a little bit of my mother. I mean, they are nothing alike when it comes to personality but back when I was a kid and my mom was younger, Lorelai kinda resembled her in my eyes (they look nothing alike but as a kid everything is a bit blurry right?). Also, I see a lot of Lorelai in me – the awkwardness, the will of being independent and proving she can do whatever she envisions. Also, she’s obsessed with coffee and me too.

So maybe, the reason I feel so connected with Lorelai is because I see a mix of my mother and I in her which is super interesting. And this connects to why I can’t stop crying in the beginning of the show. She’s the first person we’re introduced to within the first 10 seconds and if you have watched the show, you just know what kind of adventure you’re embarking yourself into.

In conclusion, adding to why I always cry when I watch the show’s pilot’s first few seconds, probably that nostalgia feeling when I see Lorelai walking in and automatically I think about the great moments I spent with my mom as a kid and in a way it reminds me how much I love her. I guess that’s what people mean when they say any form of art can make you feel some surprising emotions.

You can watch the beginning of the show and understand the scene I’m talking about right here.


xo, TheModMisfit.



One thought on “I Always Cry When I Watch Gilmore Girls’ Pilot Episode – and here’s why.”

  1. I didn’t grow up watching Gilmore Girls like the rest of my friends because our TV was kinda broken and we could only see like 3 channels (and my parents refused to “waste” money on that). But watching it in my twenties on Netflix made me wish to come back to the 90s when my life was definitely easier! 🙂


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