I am missing THIS at the Montreal Comic-con this weekend?!

Ok, so it didn’t really make sense for me to go to the Montreal Comic con this summer. I used to live in Montreal but I don’t any more. As much as it’s a great convention, it’s a little too pricey and out of my current budget.

So I made my peace with it. I was a bit sad cause Buffy’s very own James Marsters announced that he would attend this year’s con but honestly, finding a place to live and saving money sounds better knowing that I’m probably gonna meet him at an other con.


I am actually freaking out and I’m low key sad that I didn’t make my research properly.

I’m missing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s “ONCE MORE WITH FEELING” live performance.


For y’all who don’t know, OMWF is one of the greatest TV episode to ever air on the small screen. From the sixth season, it’s a completely musical episode. Yes, VAMPIRE AND DEMONS SING AND DANCE! I mean, what the hell, LITERALLY!

Produced by House of M, the show has been helped being put together by a great amount of performers who’s only wish is to bring joy to the Buffy fans of Montreal.

The show starts at 5:30 PM sharp tomorrow night at the Freeman Theatre on the seventh floor of Palais des Congres.

Please, fellow Montreal geeks and geekettes, if you are going to the convention, please drop by the theater – YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! Worse comes to worse, you’ll just be submerged into the best universe ever – the Buffyverse.

xo, TheModMisfit.


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