If you’re a ‘Riverdale’ fan, you HAVE to check out this clothing line!

Whether you are #TeamBetty or #TeamRonnie, you gotta admit something – both girls are stylish af.

Either you first saw them on the Archie comics or simply on The CW’s Riverdale, we would all love to steal their closet. And by all, I really mean myself.

BUT I came across this fashion company called Betty & Veronica. Their style is inspired by our queens, obviously. So it’s a mix of 50s/preppy look and other products with the girls’ faces on them.

SO I went through the whole web store and it was pure bliss.

Here are some of my personal fave items:


You give this adorable pin to the Betty of your Veronica (or vice versa) and y’all are set to be BFFs for life! I definitely would pin the Veronica one on my jean jacket and sport it during the fall!


This Betty sweater is just so adorable! I’m a huge fan of the collar too – so chic and sporty at the same time! Just like our Elizabeth ❤ 


I’m not a big charm bracelet fan but I wouldn’t mind creating a collection based on this one! There are many you can choose from but this one has the girls, the Riverdale logo, a milkshake and Archiekins on it – what more can a girl ask for?


Sweatshirts are my go-to in the fall and winter, so if I could have this one for this year’s cold season, I would be ecstatic. Personally, I would add some knee-high socks when it gets a little to chilly. You know, a la Ariana Grande!


I just really love the message that this shirt is sending. I think we are too often lost within the idea that the girls have to compete with each other to be Archie’s girlfriend. “Oh no, Team Betty – hmmm NO Team RONNIE!” How about #TeamWeDon’tNeedNoTeam??? Would that be possible? Well anyways, this t-shirt screams girl power and I’m obsessed with it.


I think I wear overalls at least half of the week, so I would definitely love to add these ones to my collection! Also, the heart in the middle? So cute!


I think I only have 4 cap-type hats so I definitely want this one. Isn’t it so pretty? I love the baby blue colour and to have both of our queens’ face on it is iconic.


First, I’ve always wanted to have comic art on a bag. Second, I love that each sides are covered with the girls faces and their favourite expression. Again, I don’t need it but I really want it!

Have you scrolled down the company’s collection? What’s your fave item that you found?

xo, TheModMisfit



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