That time I dressed up as Buffy to slay my own demons away

As you may have noticed by now – I am obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

I mean, this is the third post this week that involves the show somehow. Well hey, if I can increase traffic views on the site while writing about my favourite girl, why not?

Buffy is a very courageous, strong and loyal character in my opinion. You may think that strong and courageous are the same thing but I believe they are totally different.

When it comes to facing her problems, whether it’s demons or life issues, Buffy needs courage to face them – but she’s gotta have strength to remain who she is after going through these life-form nightmares.

Well, the best way I can interpret what she’s going through in real life is how one fights their own demons. For example, I constantly fight the demons in my head. In case you haven’t read my blog post about taking risks with my dreams, the voices in my head are my demons.

It’s weird but as I’m writing this, I realize that I’m actually fighting my inner demons, which is also a reference to Buffy. In case you didn’t know, there’s an episode where we discover that Buffy has actual demon blood in her. So this is a way of interpreting that herself, she has her own inner demons. But that strength is what gives her the possibility to fight vampires and monsters.

SO, in a way, the show teaches us that to be able to fight our own demons, we gotta be as strong as them and attack them as they’re attacking us.

For example, when I tell myself “oh you’re not strong enough, you’re not gonna make it” I simply think of all the great things that I do with a stronger sentiment than my darker thoughts uses against me.

I feel like I only realized about fighting our inner demons exactly last year before going to the Montreal Comiccon. I was in a very weird place mentally – I felt alone yet had a good amount of friends, I had a job but barely had any work etc.. So yeah, it was really weird. I was definitely feeling very sad even though I technically had everything I wished for at that particular time.

But the moment I cosplayed Buffy, I remembered her strength. I remembered the courage she was showing every week to slay her problems away and keep growing as a human being. And so, I felt her courage and channeled her characteristics in me and I felt stronger. Even though it’s just a costume, it made me believe I was strong. I mean, fake it til you make it, right?.

I feel like since then, I understand more how to deal with my problems and how to make them go away.

I truly believe in the importance of arts and entertainment as Buffy, a character from a TV show, has helped me go through some of the darkest period of my life.

xo, TheModMisfit.


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