Well, after almost a year of living in Ontario, it was time that I make it government official.

And today was the day I chose to do it. Let me guide you through my thought process followed by my day.

I woke up at my regular time, around 7:30 AM, stayed in bed for another 30 minutes while scrolling down through my different social medias and eventually got up to shower. I know, impressive huh?

So my initial plan was to simply go to a Starbucks and write but once the cold water (I start my shower with cold water to fully wake up – doesn’t always work) started flowing down on my head, my brain woke up and I realized that I still didn’t have the Ontario health insurance and probably should get it to go for a free medical check up. But to get that insurance card, you need a piece of Ontario ID, for example – a driver’s license.

FYI, if you don’t have the OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) well you gotta pay 40$ for a visit to the doctor’s office. I did it 2-3 times this year – which means, 120$ to check up on my health. CRAZY!

So, I finally got sense into me and I thought to myself “yo, just go get that damn license because you need to stop giving away free money (lol, free money) to these health clinics.”

And that’s what I did.

Got out of the shower, dressed myself up and drove to the closest DriveTest Centre which was 10 minutes away – really not bad right? Well, think it over again after I tell you that there’s only THREE centres in proximity from me. One in Brampton, one in Etobicoke and I guess a few in Toronto. I live in MISSISSAUGA – one of the biggest city in Ontario and there’s NO DriveTest Centre there?


Anyways, it’s a good thing that Etobicoke is really close to Sauga.

So, once I got to the location, I had to wait a pretty big line with at least 20-30 people in front of me. Luckily, it went by pretty fast and I got in front of the line in approximately 20 minutes. I told the clerk what I was here for and she asked for two pieces of ID – that’s when I realized I had only brought one, my Quebec’s drivers license cause that’s the only valid ID that I have beside my passport, which I left at home.

And guess what? I had to go back to get it and then drive back to the center.

So that was an extra 20 minutes (10 minutes drive back and worth) which really wasn’t bad… BUT once I got to the DriveTest Centre for a second time, the line reached the parking lot.


There was at least 50 people in front of me at this point and only one clerk available to complete different requests.

I could’ve went home but I thought to myself, ‘ok we’re (yeah apparently I have a few people in my head chilling) already there, might as well just get over with it.’

So I went and stood up in the line and ugh, just 2 minutes passed and I was already bored out of my mind. I didn’t think that I was gonna wait this long so obviously I didn’t bring anything with me to read. I mean, I did have my phone but my social medias didn’t have anything updated since like, 5 minutes prior to that.

I eventually started low key listening to other people’s conversations and I even heard some French speakers in the crowd. I started talking with them cause that’s who I am as a person – I just talk with random strangers. They were really nice though! All three of us were complaining about the poor service that the driver’s centre was providing .

It’s funny how mutual complain can spark a potential friendship.

Anyhow, I hung out with these peeps (brother and sister – 18 and 20 respectively) and eventually got inside to do another line. This one was pretty quick and it was FINALLY my turn to speak with the same clerk I spoke to earlier today. It was cool, she recognized me – I guess you could say we had a bond you know…


So after asking me a few questions, she gave me a number and guess what – it was a number for ANOTHER LINE! 

Way too many lines today.

And guess who I sat next to in the waiting room? THE BROTHER AND THE SISTER! We had another great hateful conversation towards the driver center. It was fantastic.

I eventually got called up and the worse was yet to come.

I had to do an eye test.

Now for some of you may not know,  my eyesight is not the best – I wear glasses but mine broke a few months ago and since then I haven’t had the chance to get new ones (procrastination….).

So I placed my eyes in the little machine and somehow luck was on my side – I PASSED! I was also super confident with the way I answered so I guess the clerk was either impressed or she was just tired of me trying to make small talk with her.


It was a little rough to officially part ways with my Quebec license but I will survive.

Now, next step – get my health card.

xo, TheModMisfit. 

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