WE JUST WANTED ICE CREAM! Crazy Pursuit Following Dairy Queen Trip

It’s no secret, there’s two things that I absolutely love – drama and ice cream. 

Sometimes, I enjoy them together. I mean, when I turn on an episode of Gossip Girl, you know some drama is gonna happen between B + S and so I definitely don’t mind having a huge bowl of chocolate chip ice cream in front of me – you know?

But going out for a ice cream is great also and overall, going to the ice cream store is supposed to be a pleasant time – not one when you’re getting followed by two angry customers from Dairy Queen.

Let me explain.

So on Tuesday night, Sarah, Mel and I were craving ice cream. I mean, we want ice cream all the time but that night particularly was a craving moment for that delicious dessert.

We first went to our favourite ice cream shop in Mississauga – and personally, possibly the whole word for me. We went to the delicious Dairy Cream in Port Credit. This restaurant is so good that the line up is RIDICULOUS at times. There were people lining up from the little store all the way down the street. And they have quite a decent sized parking, so you can just imagine the amount of people waiting to get the best ice cream in town.

We didn’t want to wait.

We were in a rush to get these calories into our stomach. 

So we opted for the second best option available at this point (it was 9:30 pm btw) and googled where the closest Dairy Queen was. We found one 10 minutes away from where we were but it was closing in less than 30 minutes – so it became a mission.

Little did we know that this mission would become a crazy action packed movie.

We got to Dairy Queen on Credit Valley Parkway or something like that and we went in/made the order asap.

In case y’all wanted to know, we got 3 chocolate milkshakes, one banana split, and two blizzards (we were bringing some back for Nate, Jake and our other friend Matt).

So we ordered, paid, you know – what you do at a restaurant.  We waited for a few minutes and as our order was called up, this is when things started to get interesting.

This random customer was giving quite a hard time to the clerk (who turned out to be the manager) saying how her ice cream wasn’t made correctly. I remember her pointing to the image of the ice cream she ordered saying “it’s written chocolate chips – and these are chocolate chunks” like come on, chocolate is chocolate bro, just be grateful. And guess what? This was the third time she was asking them to re-do it! I mean, at some point you should realize that the ice cream is the way it is because it’s made in a MACHINE?! No? I guess this didn’t go through her mind.

I was just trying not to burst out of laughter due to being uncomfortable with the whole situation – we were just behind her so heard everything going on.

Eventually, that random lady (we will call her Jo for the sake of having a name) turned around and asked if I recorded the whole scene on Snapchat to which I reply a simple no.

She then smiles and is joined by her friend (we will call her Lou) who grabbed her to the way outside laughing and in a very low voice had the balls to say “fucking immigrants” to which I was so shocked that I just gave her a dirty look. BUT I DIDN’T MEAN TO DO IT! It was just the first instinct that came to my mind.

I remember thinking “what the hell, what does being an immigrant has to do with that?” and she obviously saw me looking at them with an annoying look because when they stepped outside of the store, I could see them staring at us and low key waiting for us to come out as well.

I was a bit nervous because I hate these kind of interactions – I’m a very peaceful girl and I’ve never been into angry situations with strangers that obviously have some anger inside of them.

We eventually came outside and the girls asked us if we agreed with them about the manager being “crazy and rude” to them. I just said “no I don’t agree” really quickly, Mel ignored them but Sarah was the real hero in that story. She told them “I think they were doing the best they could at their job.” Good ol’ Jo and Lou were appalled by that answer and just went into their car which was parked next to ours.

I got in the car and obviously, as clumsy as I am, spilled some of the milkshake on myself and a little bit on the car outside. I left the door open while Sarah ran back to the store to get some napkins. I was still with Mel talking about the girls and how weird that was. We didn’t realize one crucial thing.


Wooaaahhh. Now that was our mistake and I knew we were in for some intense consequences following up to that.

While this was going through my mind, Sarah came back with napkins and told us that the manager was crying and that she tried to comfort her as much as she could.

So at this point I started the car and as was about to drive, Lou decided to back up and almost did hit us but since I’m a pretty decent driver (yes, sounds cocky but I know I’m a good driver) I was able to avoid what could’ve been an incident.

I started driving on the road and then realized that they were following us. Their car was legit stuck behind ours and the only thing I could do was to keep driving. I was going to random streets cause I didn’t want them to follow us anywhere close to Nate and Sarah’s house.

I must admit I was super nervous about this whole situation but I was trying to remain calm and drive normally. 

AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT? Jo decided to speed up, shift on the left lane just to cut me off. If I wouldn’t have slow down at this point, she definitely would’ve caused an incident.

They were so pissed that we didn’t agree with them and that was their way of showing it. Thankfully, as they cut me off they turned on a different street and we lost them.

Anyways, all of this to say that we were bullied on the road because we didn’t agree with two girls at Dairy Queen.

What would you have done if you were in our shoes?

xo, TheModMisfit. 



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