Why I’m completely obsessed with ‘God is a woman’ (and you should be too)

If it wasn’t clear before, I hope you guys understand now how much of a fan of Ariana Grande I’ve been since her Victorious days.

I’ve continually been impressed by her career path and her growth in the industry but most importantly, her growth as an artist. And oh boy, I haven’t been disappointed with her latest releases.

So, this is not gonna be a praise of Ariana Grande’s career, it’s gonna be more of a thank you to my favourite singer for creating and releasing ‘God is a woman.’

First off, I must also thank the writers of the song – Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Rickard Goransson, Ilya and finally – Grande herself. One thing that I do find interesting is the fact that four men were involved in the process of writing and producing this song. I mean, I think it’s pretty cool that men wrote ‘God is a woman’ but it also could’ve been more interesting to have more women involved.

Ok now let me take you back to the moment I started listening to ‘God is a woman’ – because it was one of the weirdest way I ever processed a song.

And you know, it’s not the first that I intensely emotionally react to a Ariana Grande song – ‘One Last Time’ is for some reason hard for me to hear, ‘Greedy’ is just so fucking good and ‘no tears left to cry’ was just absolutely phenomenal for my ears and my heart.

But when I listened to her newest one, I was just in shock. Not necessarily because of the song really but more the visuals of the music video and the overall powerful message that it sends.

Sure, the song is called ‘God is a woman’ but I truly believe that the song is aimed at any one who is looking for a boost of confidence when it comes to being themselves.

Let me expand on that – in the beginning of her career, I feel like Ariana wasn’t really sure about the direction she wanted to take and kinda got swept into the whole ‘pre-made fame industry’ which definitely worked and helped making her the successful artist we all love. Yet, with this new album it just sounds like a big ‘F U’ to the whole industry and just showing that the music she does is really authentic and so is the message that she’s sharing.

‘God is a woman’ is a celebration of creation and believing in yourself. I mean, I know it’s clearly a song about sex also but that’s the obvious. I really want to go into the deeper meaning of the song for me. So first, I’m gonna go through some lyrics of the song that really caught my attention and most likely caught yours.

‘And I can be all the things you tell me not to be’

In this sentence, Ari refers to the industry telling her not to be someone she wants to be and letting herself be controlled. As I mentioned, she wants to make it clear that her career is hers completely to be the owner of. She’s the one who has full control and she teaches us that we can be whatever we want and the negativity coming from other people onto us is not healthy for our individual growth.

‘I don’t wanna waste no time, yeah
You ain’t got a one-track mind, yeah
Have it any way you like, yeah’

She knows what she wants in a relationship (any kind – really) and is strong enough to be alone if the person is gonna waste her time. When she says ‘have it any way you like’ well she really means it – she’s so fierce and confident that she doesn’t need anyone’s approval and won’t change for anyone.

‘But you different from the rest
And boy, if you confess, you might get blessed’

Again, this is a pretty obvious sexual lyric but I also interpret it as a woman, or a man, finding a new healthy relationship and if that person confesses their love and emotions to their loved ones well that they will be rewarded in some ways.

Honestly, after writing this down, I realize the themes in the video had more of an impact on me.


I think we can all agree when we realize that this is the depiction of a woman’s sexual lips. In this scene that might be offensive to some, she just shows how much power women have within them and it’s not about sexual power in this image. If you look at the colors, they are very earth/galaxy like and I personally interpret it as creation and life since women are the ones responsible for carrying life.  I thought this was pretty interesting and really beautiful.


This scene expresses Ariana’s unimpressed feeling about getting bullied by society’s words held against to her. She’s obviously bigger than her in this video which is exactly it and how she’s gonna be handling it now – she’s stronger and will fight back/not give one single f*ck.


I really enjoyed that scene simple for the reason that all women are giving their backs to the camera which can imply two things: 1) All women are equal and 2) Women in general are tired of facing the camera and being told what to do/how to smile/how to behave.


Now that’s a bold statement when you first see it – Ariana is God. And some might think its pretentious, I know I read some comments on YouTube saying that she was insulting religious beliefs but I think it’s the total opposite. Do you see how she’s holding on to her ‘archangels’ and wants to connect with ‘Eve’? It feels that she wants to pass on everything that she has learned from all the strong women she encountered in her life. I think it’s actual beautiful and her determination to connect with ‘Eve’ and therefore every single women on earth is amazing.

This whole video screams empowerment and believing that we are strong. Not just women but everyone should feel this way and I truly hope that all of her fans, and other listeners, see this also.

Watch the full video below:


What did you think of her new music video?

xo, TheModMisfit.

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