They didn’t let me in the club cause I looked too young?! [AND I HAD MY IDs!]

Just me ranting about yesterday night, even though overall it was a great one!

It’s been a while since I went partying – and by partying I mean going to a party and getting a great amount of alcohol in my system. I still have been going out but honestly the idea of getting drunk just for the sake of it doesn’t really appeal to me anymore – but yesterday night I was down to go out. Like, all out.

I don’t think I really partied since my birthday, which was in March (after that, I went through a sober month and then just lost interest into drinking excessive amount of alcohol.)

But yeah, yesterday I was super into the idea of partying with my friends and go crazy ! You know, it’s the summer time so why not!?

So I got to my friend’s place at around 9 pm because we were doing a ‘surprise birthday party’ for one of our friends which went really well! We stayed at his place for 2-3 hours which was a great pre-drink! I had a few beers and was really looking forward to go to Power Up which is a bar/club we always go to.

We got to the bar at around midnight – now, remember, I gave up my Quebec license last week when I did my Ontario one and so I only had on me that temporary paper driver license with my credit and debit card (no health card which is why I did my drivers one). So I go up to the bouncer who asks me for my ID and as soon as I start telling him my situation he just completely ignores it and says ‘I need a photo ID’.

I know he was just doing his job and it must be annoying having to let in drunk people into a bar making sure everyone is safe but the least he could’ve done is let me place a word.

The first few minutes I was just annoyed and really needed to go to the bathroom (trust me, it’s an important part of the story). I found a random bar next to the one we were going to and went in to use their bathroom. While I was in there I was on my phone and had what I thought was a brilliant idea – I remembered that I had a picture of my passport in my Gmail because I had to send one to birthright when I applied for it!

I was sure this would work – so I came out of the random bar, met up with my friend Adam (who’s legit the best) and went back to the bouncer to show him the photo of my passport.

Lol, it obviously didn’t work.

He told me that even if I claim to be 24 he doesn’t have the documented proof in his hand that shows I am – and also I looked young enough to not look over 19 (which tbh was a pretty cool compliment BUT I STILL WANTED TO GO IN THE BAR).

Man, I tried everything – I tried to bribe the guy with a $20, one of my other friends showed him old pics of me in the club – I was also considering trying to go in from the back.

But, I didn’t.

After a good 10 minutes of trying to figure out what to do, I realized it was 12:30 ish and that there was only an hour and a half left of partying so I just decided to call it a night and go home where some ice cream was waiting for me anyways.

Anyways, all of this to say that if I was in Quebec or anywhere else in Europe I would’ve got in right away – OH WELL! I still woke up with a mini headache due to the beers I drank last night.

Have you ever been denied because you looked young and didn’t have the right papers to show?

xo, TheModMisfit.

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