‘Productivity’ is my new favourite word

I mean, it really is.

I think this is one of the biggest challenge for this blog/my career to really pop out. I need to understand what it is to be productive.

For the last few weeks that I’ve been working on the blog, I’ve had this crazy obsession that the busier I was, the more I productive I would be. I believed that so strongly – and I think I’ve always had this impression about work in general but really, I was so fucking wrong.

It’s so interesting how everything happens for a reason in life and this week was no different for a good lesson.

So for you to understand what I’m trying to say I need to take you back to Monday afternoon.

For some of you may not know, I also work for another entrepreneur downtown Toronto as a personal assistant – in exchange, he also guides/mentors me with the blog which is really great! Honestly, for the last few weeks that I’ve been working for him I feel like I’ve grasped some valuable lessons.

I got to his place right after stopping for lunch at Aroma, which I haven’t had in forever (actually, I did not even have it in Israel – I know, crazy – and I know, I still need to finish my damn blog post about the trip). When I got to his apartment I was greeted by a black little book on the kitchen counter. As my ‘boss’ (will maybe say his name sometime later) came out of his room where he had a business call, he told me this was mine – a gift.

‘Productivity Planner’

A productivity planner. I somewhat had an idea of what it is because it’s one of his creations and my boss is also one of the creators of the ‘Five Minute Journal’. So, it’s basically a little journal that helps you plan the most important tasks that you have to do every day. Which one matters the most and which ones you have to do later. Even if the most valuable task is the smallest one, the book invites you to write it down.

The first page of the book actually gives you five reasons why you will love the productivity planner and the first one is the most important one: sense of accomplishment. I think this is what I need the most, because even at my busiest days I don’t always feel accomplished. I feel like I’ve forgotten something or didn’t do something that was important for me to sleep with a peaceful mind.

And this book couldn’t come at a better time, really. 

Yesterday I felt so fucking busy. From morning to night I don’t feel like I’ve stopped. I did my usual tasks for my cousin, I studied and tried to write. I also had a few other errands to do and other responsibilities in the kitchen to take care off. To end my day, I had to drive to my friend’s place downtown Toronto at midnight to pick up my bag I left on Saturday night and then come back home at 1 AM to wake up at 6:30 AM.

I mean, hi my name is Nelly and I suck at managing my time apparently.

Was I productive? Did I write anything interesting yesterday other than my little post about Mamma Mia 2? No. I didn’t go to bed feeling that my day was a very productive one. I felt that I had a busy day but I didn’t feel that I achieved anything that really mattered to the growth of my career really (even though I did study, lol).

Now, this morning – maybe 2 hours ago or so – I drove my uncle Albert to the airport who told me about this writer/entrepreneur Tim Ferriss who apparently is the inspiration to my boss’ entrepreneurial journey. Albert briefly told me about Ferriss and that I should look into him since he’s a writer and an entrepreneur – basically what I’m trying to achieve.

After dropping my uncle at the airport I had to bring my cousin’s car for a safety inspection and as planned, went to sit down at Bobby’s (cute little breakfast restaurant in Mississauga – SHOUTOUT TO THEM FOR LETTING ME SIT DOWN BY MYSELF AND FEEL LIKE JUGHEAD JONES!), order some food and do some work on my computer.

I was wondering what to do with my time there – research more about Shopify? Write? But write about what exactly? And then, I started thinking about my conversation with my uncle from this morning and decided to google Tim Ferriss. I started looking into his biography and quotes – and one really hit me

‘Focus on being productive instead of busy.’

Again, these two words popping into my life this week and I don’t believe in coincidence. I think I’m finally understanding the difference between being busy and being productive and I’m definitely more attracted to the idea of using the ‘productivity planner.’

I’m still trying understand how I can make most of my day and be productive but I know that being busy will just make me tired for no reason – while I’d rather feel tired but be happy and feel accomplished.

Do you have any tips on improving productivity? Please let me know in the comments cause I would love to get some!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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