I did not expect to buy THIS kind of art in New York City!

I knew New York City would blow my mind with its art and just overall awesomeness but I did not expect that I would buy art there.

Now, it’s not exactly the kind of art that you will find at the Metropolitan Museum of Art but it’s soon to be the kind that you will find in my soon to be new apartment!

So as I was walking through Central Park (which deserves its own blog post tbh) I eventually found myself in front the very infamous MET. The line up to get in was crazy and with the little time that I was spending in New York City, I didn’t really find that going to a museum would be worth it. Therefore, I just decided to walk in front of it and look at the different street arts showcased in front of the museum.

I thought some were very pretty and but none really caught my attention until I walked across the A&V Art booth. 

For those of you who might not know, I am obsessed with everything Disney – and I’m not just talking about the princesses. I love Mickey Mouse and his gang of talking animals. Especially Donald Duck which I think is the most entertaining cartoon character to exist!

So now that you have more of an understanding of my love towards Disney, imagine these same characters I mentioned previously in some hilariously adult/provocative situations and then you get A&V Art.

The artworks are designed by David Salamanca, a Colombian graphic designer student who’s using his passion of Disney and his talent in good use.

Here are the art works that I bought (Instagram pics because the quality is better than taking a picture of actual piece since I don’t want to take them out of the plastic yet)



Aren’t they hilariously awesome?!

I’m not sure exactly where they will go in my new apartment but I knew I needed them.

I think it took me about 15 minutes to make a decision on these two because there were so many other that ‘spoke to me’ or that I felt would be a great fit also.

I finally chose to buy these two because I felt that both characters were so well represented in each situation – first you’ve got Donald Duck’s pure hatred towards his frenemy Mickey Mouse hilarious illustrated. Secondly, I made the decision to get Mickey’s art piece because it felt the most relatable – you know, going to the bathroom to do your business while you scroll down on Facebook to check out what terrible decisions your friends have been making? Except, instead of using a phone, Mickey is using a newspaper – which is pretty cool too.

Here are a few of the other artworks that I was hesitating on also:



Make sure to follow A&V Art on Instagram and go visit their website here!

xo, TheModMisfit. 

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