New teaser for ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ debuts at Comic-con

So, what’s up with The CW and their obsession for spin-offs and reboots?

First off, Charmed gets a reboot – The Vampire Diaries gets a new spin off and now ROSWELL GETS A NEW SHOT?

I mean, I don’t wanna get all pessimist but didn’t the original series only got 3 season in total? Why make a new show based one that, let’s be honest here, didn’t have a very high commercial success – and also – no one is asking for it to be back.

I mean, ok fine – I’m open to give the new show a shot – but I do have to be critical about it because I remember being a kid and low key hating it – but that’s probably cause I was in love with Max and didn’t understand why he was into Liz. 

Oh well, I’m not the one who decides what gets to be on air or not.

So Roswell, New Mexico – that’s the new title for the show – is a tiny bit different than the original. Instead of having the heroes as teenagers, the protagonist Liz and her extraterrestrial friends are all adults.

So what’s the story for the new show?

Well, Liz finds herself moving back to her childhood town, Roswell, and re-kindles with her high school boyfriend now sheriff, Max, whom she discovers a secret that he’s been hiding for a long time now: his siblings and himself are aliens! As the family’s mystery unfolds, the small town discovers that aliens are more present on Earth than what they imagined.

I think it’s interesting that they’re all adults now – maybe it’s because The CW realized that their audience is not only teenagers but also young adults like me?

Watch the trailer below:

Were you a fan of Roswell growing up? Will you be tuning in?

xo ,TheModMisfit.

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