Here’s why you should go to the movies alone at least once

Ok so, I love going to the movies and I do appreciate going with friends or family members – but trust me when I say that going to the cinema by yourself is an awesome experience.

You can choose whatever movie you want to see

It’s the most obvious reason but think about it – you don’t have to pretend like you’re happy to go see that horror movie. Nope. You can finally go see that romantic comedy you’ve been dying to see because YOU GET TO CHOOSE! And you know why? Because you’re going by yourself. No one to judge you on whatever poor quality movie you decide to go see. YOU DO YOU BOO!

You can eat that popcorn all to yourself

No more being polite and everything by not eating all that popcorn to yourself. And you know what? You can add all the butter on that beautiful regular sized popcorn. From personal experience, none of the people I share a popcorn with enjoy butter on it – I know, hard to believe but they do exist. Anyways baby, all that popcorn to yourself.

You can completely concentrate on the movie

That’s right – you know when one of your friends can’t keep up with the movie and ask you every five minutes what happened? Well, no more of that. No more of having to tell them what they missed and then you’re missing a part of the movie while telling them what they missed. It’s a vicious cycle that you could break by going by yourself to the movies.

You can wear whatever you want

Three words: sweatpants and sweatshirt.

So are you convinced? Are you gonna start going to the movies by yourself now? Or have you already done it? Leave a comment below!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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