A one way ticket to Europe, s’il vous plait!

I am basically a modern day Donna. 

Ok so, after dreaming about it for weeks I finally went to see ‘Mamma Mia Here We Go Again’. AND OH MYYYY WAS IT EVERYTHING I WAS HOPING FOR AND MORE!

I went all by myself like I’ve been planning for to the Winston Churchill AMC theater between Mississauga and Oakville – btw, cheapy Tuesday ain’t cheap no more! A movie ticket on Tuesday used to be 5$ and now it’s 10??? Whaaat?!

The only thing that made me happy was the free re-fills available on site with a crazy unlimited amount of drinks to choose from. So, THANK YOU AMC !

Now, please picture this – as I said, I went to the movies by myself in my sweatpants with a band shirt without make up and my hair all over the place. I sat down in the middle of the room with my small popcorn and large coke (if I would’ve known that there were a free re-fill station I would’ve taken a small.. Smh). I basically looked like a movie of its own. Anyhow..

The moment the lights went down I had shivers ALL OVER MY BODY!  Literal chills.

Now – just like any other mid 20s young woman, Donna literally spoke to me. I understood her will of going some place else and create memories for her life. I know it’s just a movie but the balls of just buying a one ticket and figuring the rest later is just so inspiring. And honestly, I could see myself doing something like that maybe sooner than expected – also, isn’t that what I’m trying to do with the blog? To be independent and create my own life?

Listen, I already have the overalls, the broken suitcase, the curly/wavy hair and I’m ready to fall in love with three different guys only to figure out who’s my baby daddy. Oh wait, maybe not the last part – but you get my point.

I need to figure out a way to somehow leave everything behind ish (I mean, let’s be real – I live in the real world) and travel the fuck out of my 20s.

If anyone has any suggestions to how I can obtain this life – hit me up.

xo, TheModMisfit.

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