How the first five minutes of SpongeBob SquarePants are basically a day in my life

I unfortunately don’t live in a fruit under the sea – but if I would, it would be a watermelon.

So you might wonder what kind of thoughts are going through my mind and really how low (or high?) is my IQ if I can possibly relate to a cartoon, and furthermore, a fictional talking sponge. Well, dear readers, I will answer this – I’m fine (I think) and my mind is pretty solid. For some reasons though, in the last couple of years I’ve grown an obsession for SpongeBob SquarePants thanks to this meme page on Instagram.

Now, with each post on that page I couldn’t stop laughing. There was that one particular day when I was showing it to my friend Brandon and we literally spent 10 minutes laughing straight up – it was amazing.

But in the last couple of months, I’ve actually been watching some SpongeBob clips and I saw one this morning that I felt was exactly what I needed – the first five minutes of the complete series. Yes, the first time that Nickelodeon blessed our soul with that little yellow sponge. In these five minutes of pure bliss, I realized that the way he spends his typical day is literally me – and maybe some of you!

“Look at me, I’m naked!!!”


So just a few seconds in the show and SpongeBob already says something iconic – “look at me, I’m naked” just as he comes out of his bed to get ready. I don’t know for you but I’ve already had a few of these moments when right after getting out of bed, I just get completely undressed to go to the shower directly and I will think to myself “woowowooooo naked me coming along!!”

That work out though


“Gotta get me in top physical conditions today Garry’ is another very iconic sentence as he lifts up these two light plushies – that obviously are still a pain in the ass. But you know what? He loves pain.  That poster in the background says it all – and I feel like whenever I try to get back into shape for like two days I will just think “yes I love pain” as I lift my 10 pound that has been sitting there in the dust.

Supportive best friend


If you have a best friend like Patrick Star, well you’re a very lucky person just like me! My best friend Jennifer is literally the most supportive person ever and just like Patrick in the first five minutes, she will cheer just for the fact that “I’m ready!” She’s probably my biggest fan for no other reason that she loves me and is literally the best friend anyone could possibly ask for. Also, when we’re together we actually act like SpongeBob and Patrick which is a bonus in our friendship.

The clumsiness

I mean, first off – as social as I can seem, I’m very awkward. Now imagine an awkward 5’11 girl who is clumsy af? Yes, that’s me. I literally trip on anything, hurt myself in any possible way – I mean, just last week I got a pretty huge burn while cooking some pasta. I honestly blame this on being super tall because I cannot see everything around me because my head is always up so high that sometimes, I cannot look down because when I do, well people tell me that I am not standing straight. UGGGHhhhhh the struggle is real friends.

The work ethic & following his dreams

No matter how much bullshit Mr Krab and Squidward put him through, SpongeBob will do whatever is in his power to reach his dream of being a cook at the Krusty Krab. It might not be everyone’s dream but working there makes him happy and he makes damn sure that these krabby patty remain tasty under his surveillance no matter what.

So this is how I relate to SpongeBob – nakedness, clumsiness and work out ethics… Hmmm?! What does that say about me now?

No, honestly – I love SpongeBob, he brings a smile to my face anytime and I hope that I am able to do this to people around me.

Is there a cartoon that you can relate to?

xo, TheModMisfit.

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