It might be Friday but Rebecca Black is way past that.

Is it really Friday if you’re not looking forward to the week-end?

So I woke up this morning with the most annoying song stuck in my head – yes, Friday. We all remember it, and if you don’t – well here’s a trip back to memory lane.

I am so sorry if you actually were able to get this song out of your head after 7 years – ugh, have I mentioned that time flying scares the fuck out of me? Well, anyways – if you don’t remember, Rebecca Black was just another one of those 13 years old who wanted to be famous like their idols, aka Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato (you know, the Disney trio). Nothing wrong with wanting to be famous right? But to what cost exactly? For 3.2 DISLIKES on YouTube with over 124 million people viewing your video and making fun of it?

That must’ve been tough – and even though her song did suck, no one deserves the kind of online hate that she received.  Comments like “you sound like an overtune robot” and “no. bad. not cool. not good music. please, are her 15 minutes of fame over yet” are some of the ‘nicest’ comments she received. How sad? I mean, haven’t we all had embarrassing moments growing up? We did – but the main difference is that we obviously didn’t have it viewed by so many haters on the internet.

Obviously, it affected Rebecca Black but I feel like she made the best out of it.

First off she reacted to her own song two years later releasing it:

And then, she made a follow up song with everyone’s favourite 2010 pop punk babe, Dave Days. The name of the song, you ask? Saturday, duh. 

Obviously, none of these videos really redeemed the fact that the song sucked. I mean, as much as I love the fact that she made fun of it herself and was bigger than her haters still doesn’t erase the fact that the girl needed to do some work if she really wanted to succeed.

So anyways, Rebecca has made some serious moves since then. Have you even seen her YouTube videos? The girl has learned to sing – for real.

I mean, she doesn’t have the voice of an angel, but she has a beautiful tone and has put on some very nice music since her rocky start.

For starters, give this one a listen:

‘In Your Words’ is the song that gave me faith in Rebecca Black’s music capabilities. The song is a catchy stereotyped teenage angst music and it’s not good, but it’s not bad. I liked it – especially the chorus which is a very mellow dramatic one. And, am I the only who’s getting some serious Hilary Duff’s Come Clean vibes?

Next up is her very adorable rendition of God is a Woman originally performed by Ariana Grande. Now, yes – it’s not as outstanding as Ari’s pipes but Black’s version is pretty nice too.

Now finally – let’s talk about her insane come back performance on The Four. What a bold move to literally go on a national TV show to show your singing skills and she KILLED IT! She performed a very rocking “Bye Bye Bye” by N’Sync and she rocked it.

Check out her insane performance below:

Now, I’m not saying that she’s the most amazing singer but she’s much better than a lot of performers we hear everyday. Also, the lesson to take out of this is so huge! Don’t let haters tell you that your dreams are not gonna happen – just work hard to get to your goal and you’ll be set for success.

What do you think of Rebecca’s evolution? Do you dig it?

xo, TheModMisfit.


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