So where have I been in the last week and a half?

For those of you who have been following me for the last two months, you know that I’ve been constantly writing most days or at least would be active 4 to 6 days a week – which is pretty awesome!

Unfortunately, for the last week and a half I’ve been less active because I was simply studying very hard for one of my university exam – yes, I am still in school. So as I was saying, I’ve been studying more intensely for this exam for the last two weeks and therefore had to put my mind completely to it. Especially cause it’s a subject I suck at.

Personal Finances.

I decided to take it not because I’m crazy but because 1) it was the only class available for that time being in the summer and 2) I was down for a little challenge. If you know me, I’m not very “math smart” or really “school smart” but I’m good at what I’m passionate at. Unfortunately, I’m not very passionate about finances or calculations. But I decided to give it another try this summer and guess what? It kinda failed actually.

I studied sooooo, so, so much. And studying something that you hate can be so uncomfortable to do.. I mean just before opening up my text book online I would actually be very anxious and start shaking a bit. I still studied though, a lot. Did all the practice exams, quizzes and online cases. I even had a cheat sheet for the exam that I was allowed to bring and wrote everything that the teacher recommended us to study for. I felt very ready for the exam – and kinda excited for it weirdly.

Since the exam was in Montreal, I drove there on Thursday night after work to make sure I would be there for Friday morning. I was pretty excited to see my family and my friends also since I planned to be there for the full weekend.

After a good night of sleep on Thursday, I woke up at 5 AM in Montreal (duh) to study and finish up one little task before my exam at 9 AM.

I got downtown in my school around 8:45 AM which left me plenty of time to park and go to the exam room.

Once I got there I found my seat, got an exam document and then it happened.

I opened up my exam and the worse thing yet came – nothing that I wrote on my cheat sheet was on the exam. Neither were the questions and answers that I studied online.

After five minutes of checking out the complete test and realizing in what situation was I in (one where I was completely fucked) I closed the exam and started thinking very deeply right after having a little silenced panic attack.

I finally re-opened the exam eventually and did the only thing that I could do at this point, did my best with the knowledge I had and just hope for the best outcome.

I left the classroom two hours and a half later feeling horrible and knew that the only thing that could cheer me up at this point was a trip to Party City to buy some face paint for a project that I will be revealing soon hopefully!

Once I finished my errand, I went back to my parent’s place and told them everything because I’m terrible at lying and couldn’t tell them that the exam went amazingly went really it was the complete opposite.

Thankfully, I have the most supportive family and they were sad for me that I had such a terrible time at the exam but they were proud that I tried anyways/knew the effort that I put in studying for it.

Moral of the story? Don’t take a class that gives you constant anxiety AND if you fail an exam – it’s okay. It sucks, but it doesn’t reflect really who you are as a person. I know this one didn’t reflect my talents and my intelligence – it’s just unfortunate that I let it get to me at first.

Have you ever had a terrible final exam experience when you thought you were fully ready for it?

xo, TheModMisfit.

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