This is DEFINITELY the best ‘Danny Phantom’ cosplay you’ll see today

Castle Cosplay went ghost!

In case you didn’t know yet, I’m a big Nickelodeon TV show fan and am obsessed with all things cosplay. So, you can guess how happy/excited I was when my good friend Charlie, Castle Cosplay, announced that he would be cosplaying the iconic Danny Phantom on his Instagram page. 

If you maybe forgot, Danny Phantom is one of Nickelodeon’s very popular old cartoon show about a teenage boy who ventures in his parent’s scientific portal and accidentally becomes a human-ghost hybrid as he takes on the task of saving the world from other ghosts with his new supernatural powers. Yes, it was an awesome show. 

Here’s a little throwback for you:

There are already a few Danny Phantom cosplayers on the net but I truly believe that my friend nailed the look. I mean, hey – look for yourself!

Looks pretty awesome, right?

In my personal opinion, I find that he looks exactly like an older version of the cartoon who just looks fed up of saving the world and getting rid of ghosts.

If you want to steal his look – it’s very easy to do so! Check out the suit pattern at SuperGeek Designs  and order the suit at ZentaiZone.

You can check out more pictures of Charlie’s Danny Phantom on his Instagram page  where he also announces which conventions he will be attending next.

Who’s your favourite Danny Phantom cosplayer? Comment below!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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