‘Disenchantment’ – The Netflix Cartoon You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life

Is there anything that Matt Groening cannot do?

The creator of The Simpsons and Futurama is back with a new show – Disenchantment. I watched the first three episode and you guessed it right – I’m absolutely in love with it. The story, the catchphrases, the drawings – EVERYTHING! So I decided to concoct a little list of reasons why you should start watching it as well! Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!

The princess is literally all of us – guys included


We start off the show with Bean, the princess, running away from her royal responsibilities (aka getting married) as she is having a not so friendly poker game with bunch of drunk criminals. She is obviously crushing it (and by crushing it I really mean that she’s low key cheating) and pulls out a very bold move – bets her crown. She eventually  gets caught and just starts a fight that she’s not even part of and leaves all the trouble she caused to return to the castle. She’s not really big into owning up to your responsibilities and faults – and guess what, same. She also regularly makes bad decisions and goes out to drink and party. She’s not the fairest of them all neither the wisest – she’s just a young girl wanting to have fun/ be happy and enjoy her life.

Actually, Elfo is all of us…


Elfo is a little elf – obvi – coming from, you will have guessed, Elfwood, a place where other elves spend their days singing, being constantly happy and eating candies. Tbh, I wouldn’t complain whatsoever if my life consisted of singing and daily intake of high amount of sugar WITHOUT PUTTING ON WEIGHT! Anyways, I’m no elf but it does sound like a dream to me. Unfortunately for Elfo, it isn’t – he wants to see more of this world as he understand that life isn’t about just being stupidly happy – because being a little down sometimes makes you understand the value your happiness. So he wants to see the world but knows that once he steps outside of Elfwood he cannot return. He decides to leave anyways to explore this big wide world outside of his childhood town. And just like any of us who will travel far and wide to discover the beauty of the world- he is excited for any new adventures he gets to go on and is willing to try anything new – even if that means almost drowning in a river. Lol, wait what?

The princess’ squad is a bit different that you would think..

More spoilers ahead – just like any fairy tale, the hero (or heroine in this case) companions are usually magical creatures. In Disenchantment, they took that idea very seriously. First off, Bean gets cursed and has to live with her own personal demon, Luci, convincing her to do all kinds of terrible things.  In the end, turns out that Bean is more fucked up than the devil and doesn’t need him to tell her what kind of crazy thing to do. Secondly, she encounters Elfo who basically falls for her and would do anything for her but she pretty much friend zones him. Anyhow somehow they all get along and go on crazy adventures together which is actually a beautiful lesson – sometimes, you will be friends with people you don’t expect to be friends with and they will help you grow and become who you are supposed to be. If you don’t become a better person but you still had a good time, that’s cool too!

Luci keeps being mistaken as a cat and it’s obvious why


WE ALL KNOW WHY – cats are evil and lazy. Or at least, that’s how memes portray them ( I mean, hello grumpy cat?) and Luci is evil and very lazy. Most of the time, you will see him just chilling, laying on the ground with a cigarette or a drink in his hand. The funny thing though is that Bean’s father, King Zog, keeps on thinking he’s a cat. I just find it hilarious that the ‘bad guy’ of the series is mistakenly taken as a cat as I keep on imagining my mother’s cat following me around and giving me terrible advice.

The show teaches us that things are not what they seem to be most of the time

And honestly, that’s a life lesson right there. We usually are so convinced that someone is a certain way without even trying to know them – or sometimes we will think about that dream place that looks perfect but we don’t know what’s behind it. In the show itself, we see an elf that is supposed to be happy, completely miserable. We see a princess who is living like a drunk and we would assume she’d be terribly sad about it, but she’s okay with it. Finally, the demon is actually nice. We assume things about people that are not always true and I truly believe that ‘Disenchantment’ teaches us to keep an open mind when being surrounded by strangers we think we know everything about.

Now, this list is based on only the first three episodes of the series – so I’m gonna go and keep on watching the rest!

Did you watch Disenchantment yet? What did you think of it?

xo, TheModMisfit.

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