That ‘Riverdale’ Flashback Episode Promises to be a GOOD ONE!

Can it be October already???

I know that for some of you guys, Riverdale’s season 2 was a little disappointing. The story arch was a bit weird and the consistency with the characters was just not always there. BUT I am myself a very faithful fan of the Archie comics so anything that the creators decide to do with the show, well I’m in. I just find the idea of creating fascinating and the fact that they are constantly bringing some of my favourite comic book characters to life – well it makes me very happy. 

Now enough of me and more about what might be the best episode of the Riverdale’s third season!

Set to air November 7 (I know, it’s sooo far), the episode will be focusing on the parents of Riverdale as high schoolers, played my none others than their “children”. For example, KJ Apa who plays Archie will be playing Fred, Cole Sprouse who plays Jughead will be playing FP – you get the drill? Cool. The only character from the show who will have a newcomer play his part is Mark Consuelos’  Hiram Lodge who will be played by his son Michael Consuelos – good casting, am I right?!

We also know the title of the episode, “The Midnight Club” which is a playful take on The Breakfast Club – but we can definitely assume that it will be quite darker.

Btw- in case you didn’t know – Molly Ringwald who plays Archie’s mother was part of the iconic 80s movie as the pretty girl Claire Standish.

According to social media (Instagram to be more precise) we can see that KJ Apa is definitely getting ready for the role of Fred Andrews- check out his newly brown hair which he had to do to play the young version of his dad.

Are you excited for Riverdale to come back?

xo, TheModMisfit.




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