The caps in the title are intentional. 

So, this happened a few weeks ago at my older cousin’s birthday party – which was so much fun! I really enjoyed meeting some of his friends and helping organizing it (which honestly, I’m starting to find a passion in organizing events). It was great, there was lots of food, lots of drinks and lots of people!

But there’s one person in particular that I cannot stop thinking about for the little things she told me. And honestly, as I’m writing about this right now I realize that it’s not that bad but I still wanna share it with you all.

I was sitting with five other girls who are all a bit older than me and they were talking about relationship/hookup stories, which I found really entertaining! I’m not the kind of person who will share my personal stories that openly with strangers (lmao but I’m an aspiring blogger?) but the way that one person was doing it was pretty cool cause it was so entertaining. I was so entertained that I felt that I was in a live production of a CW TV show with all the drama that entails. So that’s what I eventually said – “I love the way you are telling your stories, your life sounds like a CW show” to which she replied “Oh honey, my life is an HBO show, how old are you again?”

Ok for you guys to understand the context of it all, The CW is a network focused on teen/young adults drama based on comic books (for example, Riverdale, Arrow and more). I mean, pretty awesome right? 

On the other hand, HBO creates some great shows but, it’s true – for an older audience (or aimed at least since they show a lot of nudity and they don’t censor anything) but really anyone will watch it. If you want an example of shows they produced, well there’s Sex and the City – which focuses on older boss women who are in their 30s and have a hard time finding love in New York City. *I tried watching it and it actually depressed me so I went back to watch The CW’s The 100*


So yeah she said that and my eyes were shocked – not because of the HBO thing but for the “how old are you again” because this is something a 15 years old would say to a 12 years old – NOT A LATE 20 SOMETHING TO A 24 YEARS OLD, COME ON! Since I was so shocked and couldn’t find something to say, she jumped right back saying The CW is for 25 and younger and HBO is the real deal, which I laughed at. I mean I wasn’t agreeing with what she was saying but I was just so shocked she kept on going with that statement that I just ignored it.

You would think that’s it right?

But wait, THERE’S MORE!

For some reason I decided to sit next to that girl again maybe an hour or two after that great interaction we had and we were sitting next to two other people having a normal conversation. I’m not sure why but we were discussing about the way people pronounce the street ‘Sherbourne” (honestly, it might’ve been another street but I remember the ‘ourne’ in the end) and how people say it in a different way, which totally makes sense cause even in french people will pronounce things in a different way. So whatever, we were talking about that and eventually one of the guys says “oh it’s like when people say spaDIna..” Spadina is a street name in Toronto and people usually pronounce it “spaDAYYNA” so in my mind, it kinda made sense what the guy was saying. So I said, ‘Oh ok, I didn’t know it was a thing’ and guess who decides to put their grain of salt in that interaction? My HBO frenemy who says “Come on Nelly, he was JOKING – language barrier much?!”

Ooooookekekekeh I’ma stop you right there.

I speak two languages, yes. But guess what? THIS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ME BEING FRANCOPHONE OR WHATEVER! This is just me being interested in the conversation and actually engaging with it. If they were joking that’s cool too – but why do you need to bring the language thing in? Which is something that pisses me off. When someone who only speaks one language makes fun of me for making one little pronunciation or wording mistake when I literally speak in two languages all the time. Also, I think in two languages – French and English. Actually you know what? I think this girl speaks two languages also – English and asshole.

Anyways right after that I just said “language has nothing to do with that” and got up to go grab a beer.

All of this to say that I just hate girls who make other girls feel vulnerable and lower than they actually are just to help out with their self esteem. We should be empowering each other instead of bringing each other down – this is just messed up.

xo, TheModMisfit. 

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