So the Mini Jean Skirt is a Thing Again Apparently?

We all know that fashion comes and goes and comes and goes but in the last five years I feel like every fashion items from each generations of the 1900s is coming back (including the fanny pack which I still don’t get why).

So yea, you name it – the flannel shirts, long skirts, crop tops and more have found their way back to our closet in the last few years and it’s great – but recently, another item has been making sounds in every basic fashion stores – I’m obviously talking about the mini jean skirt!

I think the last (and only) time I had a jean skirt was when I was 13 years old which was in 2007 – right around the same time that Britney Spears had her breakdown. I think it makes sense that the skirt kinda disappeared from the fashion radar due to the fact that you know, she was the queen of denim and the queen wasn’t feeling it anymore – or feeling anything really.

BUT I MEAN, who could forget this??


Anyways, throughout the year, I wasn’t completely convinced about the return of the denim skirt nor was I sure if I actually liked it or was jealous of the girls rocking it at the country bar ‘Rock N’ Horse’. As time went on in the last few months and I traveled a bit, I started noticing lots of girls wearing the skirt and realized I wanted one (yeah yeah, you could say I wanted to follow the trend). 

So yesterday I finally got off my lazy bum and went to Urban Planet where I knew I could find a trendy but cheap one – AND I DID! There was like 10 different styles but I managed to find a simple and cute one that I already know I will be overusing during the fall.


As for my face, I went on with my regular winged eye inspired by Ariana Grande, which you could call my fashion inspiration because I actually tried to do her new signature ponytail but I wasn’t too much of a fan of it – but that’s probably cause I failed at doing it. I shall try again next time! But, if you are curious to see it, here it is!

You see what I’m saying with the failed attempt at doing the ‘sweetener’ ponytail? Like I didn’t even try lmao

So this whole post is basically a way of saying that I will obsessively be wearing this skirt from now on – which might lead me to buy more of these.. Oh well, now I won’t be the random Jewish girl at Rock n’ Horse – I will finally blend in! (I’m obviously just kidding yo, no worries – next time I go to that bar I’ll make sure to let everyone know about my Moroccan genes or should I say Mo’ Rockin Jeans?!! Ha GET IT? Ok bye.)

xo, TheModMisfit. 


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