Happy Anniversary to Me: Reflecting on the Past Year

It’s quite surprising to think about ways and directions life take on. Actually, scratch that – I find it absolutely crazy to think that exactly a year ago I moved to Ontario for my four month internship at Breakfast Television in Toronto. I accomplished some great things during my internship. I learned a lot about the media and how a morning show works (for example, breaking news and how the company handles it). I met a lot of cool people and even got a picture with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau! Also, I got to see Gene Simmons in real life and finally – most importantly – I became very close to my cousins since I would see them after my shift almost every day. Fall 2017 was such a fantastic time filled with amazing memories.

I think I knew deep down that I wouldn’t go back to live in Montreal after that. I mean it would be hard but after the internship I didn’t have a job in my field right away of course, but honestly, who does when they just finish an internship at 23 years old? What I had though was a solid community of family and close friends who honestly changed my life for the better. So really, I had the choice and decided to stay.

I’m not going to lie, the first few months of 2018 were really tough mentally because I didn’t feel like I had a direction. I would even go to the extent that I was feeling empty – although I had lots of fun going out, I didn’t feel like I had a purpose. I mean sure I was studying and working but something was obviously missing – writing. And not writing for a company or anything like that but just writing for me. I love writing and it’s nice to know that I have a crave for it. That’s when I started writing for my blog, The Mod Misfit, but then lost my drive due to lack of motivation and the low views. Surprise, surprise.

In April I started to get organized for my Israel trip in May. I honestly was so nervous about it because I was wondering if people would find me interesting cause I didn’t feel that I was too interesting in that time honestly. I was really in a low point of my confidence. My birthright group was a “Young Professional” one and even though I am young, I didn’t feel professional – but for some reason I assumed that everyone on my trip would have everything figured out. As I got on my trip, I just figured I would just try to be myself and whatever happens would happen. In my mind, I was thinking that as long as I’m respectful, open-minded and document everything I see, it would be alright. And it was! I don’t think I’ve been this happy in a while during the trip. Maybe even happier than during my internship at Breakfast Television. I was just completely myself – personality and working wise. And that’s when I realized what I really want to do for the next few years – be a full time content creator. What does this mean? Writing, vlogging, painting – just anything that I can do to express myself because that’s what I’m the best at. I learned so much on that trip and it really pushed me to accepting what I wanted to do. Once I got back and came down from the trip (literally) I decided to start writing again but this time I was 100% committed. Maybe the views were not crazy but the feedback from my friends and acquaintances were very promising. People that I kind of knew either from Facebook or Instagram were letting me know that I was entertaining and that they were looking forward always to read my posts. So I guess I was/am doing something right?

Adding to the cool things that happened this summer, one of my best friends, Melissa, and myself were looking for apartments since we knew we wanted to move out together for a bit now. We’re practically the same age and we get along super well. It took a few weeks to find a place we both agreed to and love and we actually just moved in a beautiful apartment in Port Credit, south-west of Toronto. Port Credit is actually one of the first neighborhood that I fell in love with when I came down to Ontario last year – deep down I knew it was gonna be my home some day. I just didn’t realize how early it would be! I’ve always dreamed of living close to a lake and now I’m a 10 minute walk from it – at 24 years old! I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been given.

Speaking of opportunities, I couldn’t have finished this year in a better way than realizing one of my childhood dreams – participating and attending the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards. After trying out three years in a row, I finally got it – a spot as a volunteer for the MMVAs. It was an amazing weekend as I helped out the red carpet production team and then attended a VIP after party for the producers and talents. From there, I was able to see the MMVAs live and have a few drinks – best night ever.

Now, I’m sitting at my kitchen counter thinking of the crazy opportunities and luck I’ve had over this year. I mean I don’t deny the work and efforts I’ve put in this year but it’s nice to be recognized for the value that you bring in this world.

I guess being Jewish and all, the new year for me really is Rosh Hashana (the Jewish new year) I’ve never thought about it before but I feel like September is always a turning point in my life. Now I’m starting a new chapter in my own place and honestly the idea of having a full empty place to decorate the way my roommate and I want to is kinda overwhelming, but it’s a challenge I’m so excited to take on!

This year is going to be crazy – I can feel it. It’s gonna be an even bigger turning point. More travels, more writing, more family times. I’m excited for it!

Xo, TheModMisfit.


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