Netflix is Slowly Changing the Standard Teen Romantic Comedy Genre

Netflix has been reviving my favourite movie genre in the last few months now – I’m speaking the teenage romantic comedy one.

Growing up, I used to be overly obsessed with movies focusing on the awkward female teen lead falling in love with the handsome and popular boy. My go-to movies were ‘A Cinderella Story’ with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray and ‘What A Girl Wants’ with Amanda Bynes and another hot guy who, tbh, I completely forgot his name.

Now that I’m a 24 year old young woman, you would think that I’m into the whole independent woman shows and movies (Sex and the City for example) but no. I don’t care about that – I still care about that hopeful true love that we, girls that were teenagers when I was a teenager as well, cared and obsessed about.

All of this to say that I love teen romantic comedies – and I will not lie when I admit that I was a little nervous about the weird hiatus that there has been over these movies for the last few years. Not necessarily a hiatus, but really all these movies SUCKED. They were just so bad. I’m not talking about Divergent or The Hunger Games (these are Sci-Fi teen action movies) I’m talking about Another Cinderella Story 3 and The Host. They suuuucked. They were just terrible – absolutely terrible.

But something happened this summer. A streaming service provider turned out to be the saviour for all of our entertainment problems – I’m obviously talking about Netflix.

They first re-introduced the genre in the last few months by blessing us with ‘The Kissing Booth’ – the most stereotypical movie about an awkward teenage girl falling for a forbidden love – and even though she knows she shouldn’t fall for this guy, she does it anyways. We all do it.

The only problem with this movie is that as much as a feel good movie it is and as satisfying it is to see the teenage girl and the hot guy ending up together, something is triggering – the repetition of the same stereotyped heroine. A white skinny girl – always the same looking person. ALWAYS!

But Netflix is changing something now – their two most recent announced teenage rom-coms are introducing us to new type of female leads. The first movie to introduce it came out a few weeks ago, called ‘To All The Boys I Loved Before” with an Asian-American teenager as the lead. And guess what? The movie was fantastic (well maybe Noah Centineo definitely helped making it amazing) but seriously, the whole movie was probably the most relatable one I’ve seen in years. It was just a raw, real movie.

Now, Netflix is about to drop one of it’s biggest movie of the fall – Sierra Burgess is a Loser. Holyyyyy – this movie is going to be so good just simply because the pureness of it all. You see, the lead actress is not skinny, she’s not fat neither – she’s just a normal human being. A normal teenager/young adult who is not necessarily the prettiest girl but doesn’t mean she’s not allowed to have her own romance, right?

I know for a fact I will relate to this one 100% – not that I felt that I was ugly back in high school but I definitely felt like a loser among my classmates (well then again they didn’t try to make me feel very welcome but that’s another story). I’m so excited for this new movie and to cry (I’m not sure if it will be sad tears but there will be some good tears).

All of this to say that Netflix is changing the game and its lead subject – FINALLY. We are finally entering a movie world where young woman from different ethnicity and shapes will be celebrated which will hopefully inspire young girls to keep on being 100% them.

Are you excited for Sierra Burgess is a Loser? Comment below!

xo, TheModMisfit. 

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