Selena Gomez Opens Up to Andy Cohen About What We’ve Always Dreamed to Know

Ok, maybe not all of us but at least me, myself and I and that’s a lot!

This post is probably useless but I really did want to write about it though (and honestly it doesn’t help that I’ve been playing her songs on repeat over and over and over again in the last few days BUT – Selena Gomez is probably the most popular but mysterious celebrity out there. I’ve been obsessed with her forever, probably even before her days as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place – that’s right, I’m talking about her guest appearance on Hannah Montana. OUF THAT WAS FIRE AND IS STILL LEGENDARY FOR MY GENERATION.

Right, guys? Right?!

So anyways, Gomez and her crew of friends are so mysterious and as much as I like the way they keep their privacy to themselves, they release just enough info about their personal life for us craving to know more.

For example, what really happened with Taylor Lautner and what’s the deal with him dating Taylor Swift also – and hey, is this how Selena and Taylor became best friends? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS!!!

So late night show host Andy Cohen had Selena over on his show  Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen for a little game called “Plead The Fifth.” The way this game work is simply that Cohen gives Selena three questions and she has the right to not answer just one of them.

Unfortunately for me – yes, me again – Selena didn’t say anything about any of the Taylors although Cohen DID ask about potential Taylor Swift’s infamous Bad Blood video and questioned Gomez if whether or not the song was about Katy Perry (who Swift has had a long time feud with). This question was dodged right away and therefore – no info on the Swiftie.

The next question was about her long time friendship with fellow Disney singer and actress Demi Lovato and if whether or not are friendship with Taylor Swift basically destroyed the one with Lovato. Gomez said negative and that her relationship with Lovato is great as they’ve been friends since childhood.

Finally the last question was about one of her first boyfriends, Nick Jonas. Cohen first started the question by stating that Jonas has been playing lots of gay roles such as in “Scream Queens” and “Kingdom” – he basically asked Gomez if he believed that Jonas was at all interested in men – to which she said not at all.

Honestly, all the questions were so probable. Like we all knew the answer to the one about Lovato and Swift and the one about Nick Jonas is honestly so useless. I feel like Cohen could’ve chose a better way to conclude the question series.

For your viewing pleasure, check the video below:

xo, TheModMisfit. 

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