Movie Review: Sierra Burgess Is a Loser


Well, there you go, boys and girls, the moment we (well, mostly me) have all been waiting for – the release of Sierra Burgess Is a Loser on Netflix. A movie for which the trailer was released maybe a few months ago with a very promising story featuring an even more promising cast.

And guess what?

They nailed it. All of it. Even the cringiest parts? Yes, the director, writers, producers, photography and videography directors all killed it – and of course, so did the actors.

Let me first spoil most of the movie for you while putting in some of my little knowledge of the teenage romantic comedy genre by analyzing the movie.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

We start the movie with Sierra (Shannon Purser) coming out of the shower and you know what? We see right away that even though she’s not the stereotyped teenage girl in these kinds of movies that she seems quite confident about herself. I mean, the first line of the movie is her saying to herself “You’re a magnificent beast” – HELL YES SELF APPRECIATION, we LOVE that!

As we go along, we find out that first off – her parents are two very successful people (dad is a writer and mom is a life coach), she has one best friend (RJ Cyler), she’s very good at school and doesn’t let bullies and mean girls get to her. She actually  talks back to that one mean girl who tries to bully her but Sierra outsmarts her making her bully look kinda ignorant. So, honestly, for a teenage romantic comedy, the first few minutes of the movie pretty much completely erases the stereotype of the main character being a shy and uncomfortable girl.

Well, that’s what they want you to think.

Because you see, that’s where it gets interesting.

So anyways, Sierra is looking to do some extra tutoring for her university application and that mean girl (Veronica) who tried to bully her earlier, well she takes all the numbers so that Sierra doesn’t get any tutoring gigs.

We follow after Veronica (Kristine Froseth) with her friends who are having some food at this little diner where the handsome but so awkward Jamey (Noah Centineo) comes up to V and asks her for her number.

Problem for our cutie pie though, the mean girl doesn’t date high school babes. So, she does what any Queen Bee would do – she gives him Sierra’s number thinking that she’s sneaky about it and will get away with it – oh, if only she knew.

So, Jamey obviously texts the number and Sierra is all confused as she receives the texts – but guess what? INSTANT CHEMISTRY AND CONNECTION!

Only problem for Sierra? Well, she doesn’t think that Jamey would like her for her looks because she’s a little heavier than what girls are “supposed to look like” in high school. So, she pretends to be Veronica and somehow makes a deal with the mean girl herself. Sierra will tutor Veronica to make her smarter for her college boyfriend and in return Veronica will be pretending that she is interested into Jamey.

Sidenote: Isn’t it ironic how Veronica took all of Sierra’s tutoring numbers so that S wouldn’t get any students but turns out that Veronica is the one being tutored by Sierra? I don’t know, something to think about.

But the craziest part about it (and my favourite one honestly) is that the most valuable relationship in the movie is the friendship blooming between Veronica and Sierra. YES – the mean girl and the wallflower girl are becoming FRIENDS! Not to spoil everything, but they do end up hanging out a lot together (either to study or plot other ways to make Jamey fall in love with Sierra) and it’s just nice to see that these new teenage movies and TV shows prioritize friendships and accentuate girl power over girls fighting for guys.

Netflix is doing something right, I swear – because that’s the same vibe I got from Riverdale the first time I watched the show. Usually Betty and Veronica (the main girls from the Archie comics) literally would fight each other out to get Archie but in Riverdale, the girls are real best friends (the only few reasons they have feuds are because of Veronica’s crazy fam but anyways, we’re not here to talk about them)


So, listen – I can’t spoil the whole movie because I know that doing so sucks, but the movie opens up a lot of interesting social problems but I believe solves a lot of them as well. Of course, Sierra does a lot of fuck up and she only owns up to them after she hurts the people she cares about – and she’s lucky that her friends are so nice to have her back into their arms. Yes, I mean it – Sierra is almost as mean as the supposedly mean girl Veronica.

Sierra focuses a lot on the way her body is (without really trying to do anything about it because she doesn’t have to) but she forgets about one thing to improve – her values and her understanding about relationships (any really). It’s almost as if the roles are reversed than from the original teenage movies where usually the mean girls will realize that they have to work on their values as well but in this one – the main and what we thought was a completely sweet girl has to do so too! All of the characters have to actually. They all go through some period of questioning their values and how they treat others in the movie – so yes, the film is called Sierra Burgess is a Loser but the story is really about anyone in it being some kind of loser to others.

I feel like this movie teaches young and older people how to interact with each other and how actions definitely have some intense consequences. It shows us how each of our actions are more memorable than our looks – which is why we should start focusing a bit more on that other than what we see in the mirror, shouldn’t we?

Did you watch the movie yet? Leave your comments below!

xo, TheModMisfit. 

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