What Mac Miller’s Death Has Taught Me About Connections

So let me start by saying that the death of Mac Miller affected me more than I expected it would be. I spent all of Friday afternoon listening to his music and trying to understand why his passing made me so sad. I mean, yes – his music deeply influenced me and actually helped me a lot dealing with my break up with my ex boyfriend (I say ex boyfriend because I’ve only had one “official” boyfriend so far in my life). Even though I’m the one who did break up, I was deeply sad and felt very alone after it – but somehow I found Mac Miller’s music and found serenity when I would listen to it.

I liked the sound of his voice, his honesty that he shared through his lyrics and also the upbeat mashed up with the mellow sounds. His music really helped me pull through and gave me some kind of new relaxing vibe in me. I honestly feel like I grew a lot because of him or at least I somehow changed for the best. 

As he helped me deal with this, I would take on what I learned from him and pass it through my friends and family – they wouldn’t know (and probably still don’t know) but my personality has been deeply affected by Mac’s music. He was also one of the hardest working musician I’ve “known” and also he was never afraid to dive into new genres. Aside of his drug problems, he was a great role model when it comes to work, respect, love and music.

So, even though I didn’t know him personally, I really felt that I was connected to him and this made me feel connected to my surroundings even more.

Where I’m trying to get with this post is that yes, I always felt a connection with musicians and people (I mean that’s why they do what they do right?) but I never felt that connection more present than when I realized how much Mac Miller meant to me. And the fact that he meant so much to me must means that he meant that much to so many other people. Imagine – at least a few millions of people were listening to him and loved him as well – therefore, they felt a connection with him which in return perhaps made them feel connected with their surroundings. And all of this because of one artist. One human being. 

Now, think about other artists who connect to other people because of their music. Music in general makes humans feel connected to each other. So, yes – when I heard about Mac’s death I was devastated for two reasons. First, we lost a beautiful artist because of drugs but I was also feeling deeply sad for the others like me who felt that they lost a hero or someone they looked up to – and if I felt like that, maybe others felt that way too? Perhaps that shows us how more connected we are than we believe to be?

I think I will always remember the day of his death because right after the news broke I went to my cousin’s place to have dinner there. I was a bit early and I went to hang out with my cousin Nate while he was playing some piano. My cousin is a very talented man, but one of his talents that stands out the most in my opinion is probably his piano playing abilities. Sure, there are more talented pianist throughout the world but I don’t believe you’ve actually experienced the pure and raw emotional side of music until you listen to my cousin play for you. Anyways, I asked him if I could sit down on the couch while he plays to which he accepted. I laid by head down on the sofa, closed my eyes and he started playing. While he was playing I was thinking very strongly about Mac Miller and about how that day went through. That’s actually when I first thought that if I felt this way, others must’ve felt this way. So, that’s when I completely let loose and let my cousin’s piano inside me while I shed as many tears as I could while thinking of Mac and the fans. I’d like to think that the way I cried and thought about all of these people definitely made me feel closer to them and to my cousin also – and all of this thanks to music.

Music is such a beautiful, mysterious and powerful thing. I really do hope that all of you get to experience music this way and that it makes you feel connected to the people you love and care about.

RIP Mac Miller.

xo, TheModMisfit.

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