A Rant About Social Media, Top 40 Stations and Mac Miller’s death.

Some of you may think that I’m taking this a bit too emotionally/personally but the issue I’m going to talk about is really eating me inside. 

I am so angry right now at the general top 40 radio stations/social media right now which is pretty ironic considering that I’ve been using my Instagram more than ever in the last week.

You might wonder where is this anger coming from and what is it exactly. So, if you’ve been reading my blog recently you know that I’ve been feeling very sad about Mac Miller’s death. Although, him actually dying is only half of the reason I’m feeling like this.

I’m devastated because of the way the popular media has been transmitting the news about his death so ignorantly by dismissing a few huge powerful ways they could’ve educated younger (and older) crowds about drug addiction and how wrong it was to blame a woman (Ariana Grande in this case) for his death. Let’s start with the latter.

Unless you haven’t been on social media at all, terrible comments across YouTube, Instagram and Twitter have been made about Grande not being there for Mac and basically being responsible for his drug addiction to follow up to his death bed. The female vocalist had to disable her Instagram comment section due to the number of hate messages she would receive saying “she should’ve been there for him.”

Thankfully, some smarter people across social media took Grande’s side and dismissed whatever the haters were trying to say. It’s honestly impossible to not notice it since it’s all over the web.

Now, my issue with the radio stations comes along with the fact that I’ve never heard so many Ariana Grande’s songs on the radio right after talking about Mac Miller’s death. By doing so, they’ve been fueling this idea that both of them are in fact connected at all times. I know that it’s important to keep on playing music at all times and maybe the stations believed that they were doing something right about playing her music thinking that they were supporting her but no – if they truly wanted to support her, I think that they should’ve stopped playing music for a little bit and educate people.

I know that it’s risky move but the last week was the perfect time to change something that is overdue in these stations – the lack of communication. Ironic, isn’t it? These stations just play the same damn music all the time when they should’ve opened up a conversation around one of the biggest pop star on the planet currently and another very famous human being who unfortunately was taken away too soon due to his drug addiction. I believe 100% that by talking about them, radio ratings wouldn’t have dropped since they would’ve been talking about two human beings that people are fascinated about.

That’s obviously not my only issue – my problem with all of this is that it’s going to keep happening. Drugs are still gonna be influencing some of the best people on the planet and unfortunately some of these artists and influencers are not strong enough to resist the impact of these poisons. It’s really time to start educating everyone through a popular media platform about these drugs because just talking for 30 seconds about them is not a way to stop them.

Again, as surprising as it is that someone like me who uses social media and listens to the radio a lot would say this, this industry is so fake and needs to wake up.

I will continue using my Instagram platform the way that I’m doing by connecting my pictures through some life lessons or by creating awareness around some issues. I’ve also never been more passionate about continuing to create a dialogue about issues surrounding mental health and depression and finding a way to link it to pop culture and music – which is what I’m trying to do with The Mod Misfit.

It’s time to wake up and to realize that it’s totally fine to enjoy the entertainment industry but let’s not blind ourselves with money and power that they project but really try to connect with the creations that these human beings are making possible for us.

xo, TheModMisfit.



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