Some of the Dating Problems in 2018

I grew up watching romantic comedies from the late 1990s and 2000s where the girl meets a bad boy who for some reason is trying to win her over for a competition but in the end they fall in love and go off to College. At least three different teen movies had this plot – am I right or am I right? For example, She’s All That, 10 Things I Hate About You and even A Cinderella Story if you reaaaaally think about it.

Anyways, as I was saying, I was raised with the idea that no matter what would happen, I would happily fall in love with the guy who doesn’t really give a crap about me at the beginning. Well guess what? If he doesn’t care about you at first, chances are that you should move on.

So that’s one thing – my first problem when it comes to dating. I focus way too much on guys who obviously are not interested (I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on that one though). I am just so into the idea of winning him over but most of the time the only thing I win is a tub of ice cream on sale at Shoppers after realizing that this fantasy isn’t going no where.

That’s sad but oh well, what are you gonna do – eh?

Let’s keep my issues rolling.

Now, when for some reason I finally get a date because for some reason I go after someone who’s also down for me, well I just assume we’re gonna get married. No? Ok – You see, EXPECTATIONS TOO HIGH!

Ok, fine not married maybe but when I’m with someone I like and the feeling is mutual well I just assume that him and I will have a few dates and then maybe – who knows, start a relationship you know? Is this too much to ask?

Well, apparently it is.

Guys these days (and maybe girls too) are so afraid of commitment or they just want some fun that they won’t be honest about whatever they do want and end up doing something that is worse than saying that they’re not interested – ghosting. Ughhhh.

Ghosting has become the new norm and it’s just so annoying. Instead of having a full on honesty answer about knowing that there won’t be any more dates, you just sit there wondering why is the person not answering and what did you do wrong.

Dating is hard and it’s just tough to put yourself out there and meet new people – so imagine being left in the blank after a few dates not knowing what you did wrong, it hurts the confidence so much.

I’m not sure who or what is to blame – maybe social media? Maybe these dating apps where you can swipe as fast as you can and ghost the person there with no problem? I don’t know, but all of this is so superficial and very selfish in my opinion and I just hope to finally find someone who will be man enough to say what he really wants in all honesty.

This is one of my first times writing about relationships – you guys know that I usually write about mental health and other things that happen in my life but I want to be even more authentic and share my thoughts on different subject that are on my mind.

What’s your biggest issue when it comes to dating?

xo, TheModMisfit.

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