Latest Shane Dawson’s Docuseries Explores ‘The Mind of Jake Paul’

Shane Dawson finally released his new docuseries The Mind of Jake Paul focusing on famous and very controversial YouTuber, Jake Paul.

In this first part of the YouTube documentary, Dawson asks whether or not Jake Paul is a sociopath. Over the last few years, Paul has been in the middle of many feuds and controversies leading him to lose quite a number of followers due to his behaviour on YouTube. Since the moment he started creating content on YouTube, Paul has been posting some questionable videos where he constantly seems to be bullying or pushing the limits with what he posts on the video platform.

In the 40 minutes video, Dawson interviews fellow YouTube, iNabber, about all the controversy that follows Paul. He also asked the creator why does he think that YouTubers seek attention all the time.

Each part of the docuseries will be focusing on a different side of Paul’s story as Dawson wants to make sure that all of it is covered so that we have a better understanding of the situation.

Watch the video below:

“The Mind of Jake Paul’ is not the first docuseries that Dawson produces. Lately, the longtime YouTuber has been focusing on other famous YouTubers who have been the focus of controversy – for example, Tana Mongeau (TanaCon) and Jeffrey Starr.

All of his docuseries have been received extremely well by his followers but when he announced that he was going to be focusing on Jake Paul for his new videos, his subscribers were a little bit thrown off since both of these YouTubers’ values are extremely different.

Dawson hasn’t announced yet when will the next part will be out.

xo, TheModMisfit. 

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