Discover this French Bakery in the Heart of Mississauga

Some of you may not know, but I moved to Port Credit (south of Mississauga and West of Toronto) almost a month ago and I lived in Mississauga for a year. I moved from Montreal and as much as I criticize my native city, one thing that I deeply miss is the bakeries.

I mean, have you ever tried the classic French bakeries in Montreal? I’m talking La Gascogne and Mimi Melon (ay, shout-out to my fellow Moroccan Jews in Montreal). So yeah, Montreal has some great pastries and unfortunately, I haven’t had found any that resembles that quality in Ontario. UNTIL 3 WEEKS AGO!

I was hanging out with my cousin’s fiancée/my adopted sister Sarah and we were craving some pastries – so we simply googled “bakery near me” and the one result with the best reviews came out “French Corner Patisserie”.

We decided to give it a try and oh boy, we were not disappointed! Sarah got the almond croissant and I obviously got the chocolate one. Since then, I visited the bakery three times and the only other thing I have tried is the french baguette, which was very delicious also.

Of course, there are so many other pastries and bunch of different macaroons! Check out some of the pictures below:

Make sure to go check out French Corner Patisserie located on 1224 Dundas St. W!

What’s your go-to pastry usually? Drop a comment below!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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