Interview: Get to know Tarah Who?

If you are currently in need of some good old revamped grunge/punk msuic, then you’re in luck! Los Angeles-based band Tarah Who? answered some of our questions here at TheModMisfit and we’ve got all the deets on the rocking band.

The band consists of front-woman Tarah Carpenter, bassist/backing vocalist Joey Southern, and drummer/backing vocalist Coralie Hervé. When asked about the choice for their name, Tarah said that there wasn’t really a process coming up with it. “We were playing shows with another name in France. I quickly realized the confusion with another artist who was getting very popular in France. Her song was in a movie so she became huge really quickly and happened to be Vietnamese as well. She didn’t really use her image though, so no one really knew how she looked like and.. she rapped! When we booked our shows, the booker would either not understand why a rapper was introducing themselves as punk/rock or reaching out to this venue (so we would not get the gig) and vice versa, people who knew about her, thought that we were her, and would book us thinking that they were going to get French rap! Imagine their surprise when we showed up…”
The name Tarah Who? was brought up when Tarah and her band mates had an email thread with the subject “Tarah Who??????” trying to figure out a band name. Eventually, they realized that Tarah Who? was the most convenient name for them and decided to stick with it!
While Hervé finds inspiration within symphonic metal band Nightwish and says the three of them have totally different taste in music, she believes this is what makes their music a beautiful mix. Carpenter admitted that she prefers to not listen to any bands since she doesn’t want to be “too influence and have people think we copied or that we sound like that.” However, she is a big fan of Alanis Morissette and shared with us that when people tell the band that they sound just as if “Motörhead was fronted by Alanis Morissette” that it’s a huge compliment for them.
Tarah Who 2.jpg
Tarah Who? is constantly on tour and of course, to connect with their fans they value sharing important topics through their music. One of the main emotions they enjoy sharing is love. “In every aspect of our lives we need a touch more of it,” said Southern. Carpenter, who writes the lyrics, said that they were her personal stories. “I write because I need to express what I feel but also because we are all the same. When people tell me that they can relate to my words, and my story,  I know I am doing it right.”
The front-woman also mentioned that compassion is something that she enjoys sharing through her music. “We like to have fun, and sometimes we feel lonely. We are all going through a roller coaster of emotions and people need to be more compassionate towards each other.”
When asked what was the hardest song to write, Carpenter admitted that she just usually has a burst of emotion before spilling down her words on a piece of paper.
Southern joined the band back in April 2018 and he had to learn the song “Linger” in just a few days, which he said was easy but to record it was terrifying. “This is my first time recording with Tarah Who?  and I guess I just wanted it to be perfect. Listening back over the past weeks as the tracks are being mixed it’s satisfying knowing we captured our first EP together as a whole band with such quality.”
So, what’s next for the band and where can you catch them? Well, Tarah Who? just recorded a new EP, “64 Women” to be released soon. “We are preparing a tour in the Southwest for the beginning of the year,” said Hervé. Carpenter said that they’ve been promoting the EP on tour and that the crowd seems to really like their new material. “We are going to be releasing a music video for our next single “Numb Killer.”
TheModMisfit will give you all the updates on Tarah Who?’s upcoming tour but go check out their website where they post regular updates and make sure to follow them on Instagram!

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