[Letter/Poem]Dear Soulmate

[For anyone longing for their other half]

Dear Soulmate,

I just finished watching ‘A Walk To Remember’ and boy did I cry. I didn’t necessarily cried about the story itself nor because Shane West and Mandy Moore are two of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. Nope. I cried because watching this movie tonight made me think of you. I don’t know you yet, at least I don’t think we’ve met – but each scenes reminded me of you.

Let me explain.

Each moment of the relationship between the two main characters made me hope for you. The progression between the movie couple made me think of the moment we would meet and hopefully fall in love. I could see us through their tears, laughs and kisses. It was us.

But how can that be when there’s no us yet?

I mean, chances are, we are probably never gonna meet. But, as I watched this movie, it gave me faith in destiny.

I’m not sure exactly why am I writing this letter or to who am I writing it really but all I know is that creating it makes me smile just thinking of the idea of falling in love with you, and you with me. I hope that you accept me the way I am and who I’ve been, I am and will be.

I am scared of not finding you or having too high expectations but what can I say – I grew up watching too many classic teen rom-coms which have exponentially increased my unrealistic expectations to falling in love.

I am so excited to know you though. Maybe you are already in my life but the moment for us to be together hasn’t been available yet and that’s fine. When both of us will be ready to see each other I’m hopeful for the best.

xo, Nelly. 


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