Flirting is Practically an Extreme Sport

And surprise surprise, I suck at it.

*to be read with a laughing heart*

So whenever I try to flirt with someone – and I’m accentuating on the word try – well, it doesn’t work really.

People always say, “oh just be yourself and anyone will just fall for your charm.” Ohhh, that’s nice. Well, that would work if myself wasn’t a complete awkward, clumsy, sarcastic and pop culture fanatic person.

Oh, you wonder why this doesn’t work? Well, let me give you an example of an interaction I had with this guy that maybe I don’t necessarily was flirting with but this sums up how I usually act around guys that I like.

So, I was doing some cleaning in my cousin’s house and a member of his family (from the side I’m not related to) was helping me and he was washing a pot which was used to cook mashed potatoes.

Him: I’m gonna leave it soak in over night cause it’s pretty hard to scrub the potatoes out.

Me: Oh you’re gonna do like that meme online that says “ohhh just letting it soak”


This is the meme I was referring to

Him: No, no – I need to let it soak because it’s gonna damage the pot

Me: No, I know and I believe you but I’m referring to the meme online, the funny thing – you know?

Him: No but I will wash it later.

Me: I know, but what I’m trying to say when I say “you are gonna just leave it” it’s not you, it’s just the meme referring to the general person, like in this case, it’s you. It’s funny. Or supposed to be funny.

Him: Oh, yeah ok, I understand now, it’s funny (while obviously not laughing)

Me: Yeah well, I mean I guess it would be funnier if I wasn’t bad at delivering jokes

And that’s when he genuinely laughed.

So, we can all agree that according to this exchange, I suck at talking to guys – but of course this is funny and it doesn’t really relates to all the guys that I talk to. Just the ridiculously cute ones.

During other times, I will usually be so nice to guys that they will be sooooo into me, but as friends.

That’s right, I’m the best friend. I’m the girl who gets friend zoned. You would think that this doesn’t exist right? I mean, I think I’m pretty and funny but because these two factors are mixed with being awkward and clumsy well I assume it’s the perfect recipe to be in the friend zone.

Listen, I have no problem at being friends with guys – to be honest, I also friend zone some people. It’s normal. But I just really hope one day that my awkwardness and sometimes shy personality stop interfering with my flirting moments and I can be more direct with guys and be like – yo, I actually like you and I’m not just gonna be a friend.

Wow, if only I could do that eh? But it’s so scaryyyyy. Ugh, that possible rejection is honestly a nightmare.

Rejection sucks but it doesn’t necessarily means that I’m bad at flirting – or even you. Rejection is a part of the outcome – but chances are that by flirting 100% well with another person, well maybe they will be into you. The only way that flirting has gone wrong is when they don’t realize it’s flirting and they end up being your buddies instead of your potential hubbies.

So – this started as a self joking post and turned into a lesson – what’s new!

Anyways, I hope this brought you a smile and that you know that you’re not alone in this flirting journey.

xo, TheModMisfit.

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