How To Celebrate October 3rd – Mean Girls Edition

Mean Girls came out a long, long time ago – 2004 to be exact – and yet, it’s more present than ever with social media. Today is a blessing – not only it’s October 3rd (the day Aaron asked Cady what day it was) but it’s also Wednesday – and according to Mean Girls, it’s the day to wear pink. So, of course – with my brilliant mind – I came up with a few fun ideas on how to celebrate this glorious day!

Wear Pink


We’re gonna start slow. If you’re going out tonight, make sure that you’re fully dressed appropriately – aka, wear something pink. It’s not a very complicated thing to do and the fact that you were pink automatically means that you are fetch. 

Make fetch happen


I’m serious about this one guys – it might’ve not been a cool world fourteen years ago, but that was fourteen years ago. Fetch was a word that Gretchen, one of the mean girls, tried to make happen but Queen B Regina George was quite opposed at that. Well, now we’re in 2018 and I believe it’s time that we stop letting Regina manipulating our lives. We live in a world where we can do whatever we want – so I’m telling you guys, making fetch happen is crucial to celebrate October 3rd.

Here’s how you can use fetch in a sentence:

Omg that outfit is so fetch” AKA “Omg that outfit is so cute!”

“Did you see what he did? That was so fetch” AKA “Did you see what he did? That was so cool”

You get my point? 2018 is the year that fetch will happen.

Ask your crush what day is it

I mean, Cady remembered words for words the time that Aaron asked her what day it was. So, time for you to grab your balls and ask your dream boy what date is it. It’s a great conversation opener that honestly is underestimated.

Watch Mean Girls tonight


Have some friends over, bring out the snacks and watch the movie! Best way to celebrate mean girls is to watch it and enjoy every moment of it.

So, this list of things to do to celebrate October 3rd is not a very hard one. If you do it well though, you will feel like a fulfilled young person (or older, that’s cool too) who’s only responsibility to take care of tonight was to do these few little things.

xo, TheModMisfit.

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