J.E.F.F. II Invites You In His Multi-Genre Musical World

What happens when you mix Rock, Punk, EDM and Pop together? Well, you get the really diverse sound of J.E.F.F. II. The Hollywood artist chatted with us about music inspiration, upcoming projects and more!
Born in Paris, J.E.F.F. II picked up his first guitar at the age 13. He grew up listening to rock music such as The Stooges, MC5, Guns n’ Roses and more. “When I started playing the guitar I was into jazz and blues. […] I learned how to play the standards from the book and all those advanced music theory concepts,” he said.
The electronic rock artist also talked about his passion for electronic music. “When I started producing tracks on a more professional level, I gained an interest for electronic music. I like bands such as The Prodigy and The Glitch Mob – so, at the end of the day, my music has a bit of all these influences.”
When coming to the States to start a career, he wanted to make sure that he keeps his full name but thought it would be hard for Americans to pronounce it so this is why he decided to make it shorter and add the number 2 in roman numerals. “This is how my friends used to call me in High School. They all listened to hip hop and I was the only “Rock n’ roll” dude around so they started calling me with a rapper nickname – ‘je2’.
J.E.F.F. II is recording a new single and finishing up his debut album. He shared that the hardest song for him to write is a song called “Seven”. “Sometimes you’re just sitting there trying to find the right drums sound or the right groove for a song and you’re never satisfied. This is what happened with this track. The biggest challenge with electronic music is to be able to finish your song and stick to your deadlines. You have so many soft wares, plugins and options nowadays that you can spend months and months perfecting your track and losing a lot of time.”
He enjoys performing in Los Angeles due to its incredible vibe which he believes is perfect for his music. When performing his music and sharing it with the crowd, he hopes that they feel freedom and hedonism. “It’s cliché but this is what this music is all about. There’s no lyrics, no political messages or sh*t like that. I just want people to forget about their problems and lose their mind to a single song.” He also wants the crowd to feel freedom because he feels this way with his music. “I mix EDM, Hard Rock, guitar solos and Punk-Blues elements. I do what I want with it, there’s no limits.”
J.E.F.F. II will sure be busy for the next few months – he is currently working on a live set and will be performing in the Los Angeles area in the beginning of 2019. Until then, you can catch him elsewhere. “I’m about to shoot a new music video with Getsome! a rock and roll band and I also have a few gigs lined up with Charly & Faust, a pop-folk band I’m playing with.”
Check out J.E.F.F. II’s music video for his song “Sleepless” right here!

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