Vanessa Hudgens Revisits Her Past In This New Collaboration With Phantoms

Well Gabriella Montez definitely did some growing up.

In their latest music video for their song “Lay With Me” featuring Vanessa Hudgens, the EDM duo, Phantoms (Kyle Kaplan and Vinnie Pergola), wanted to revisit all of their past by concentrating their video with a rendition of High School Musical.

In the music video we can see Hudgens acting as Gabriella Montez, the role that made her famous, performing on a High School stage that looks very similar to the one from High School Musical.

Kaplan and Pergola, who were also teen actors for the Disney Channel, shared why they decided to take on this direction for the video.

“As all three of us grew up acting in Disney shows, we wanted to pay homage to our past, so when we sat down with Vanessa to brainstorm ideas for the video, we knew that this idea was something both our fans and Disney fans alike would be excited to see. It represents us all growing up and moving on, but still remembering where we came from. We’re so excited to have brought our collective vision to life while making it really funny as well. We are super proud of how it turned out and hope you all enjoy!”

Check out the video below:

Were you a fan of High School Musical when you were a kid?

xo, TheModMisfit.

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