How to Recreate My ‘God is a woman’ Make-Up Look

First off, watch this video. 

You did it? You’re good? Alright, let’s get straight to business now.

Here’s what you’ll need:

First off, apply your foundation and then mix a little bit of purple and white together to get a light purple that you will be applying on the edge of your forehead following down to the left side of your face.

Once you are done with this and have an idea of how the make up will be coming down on your face, you are gonna start with your eyes. Apply some beige/pink eye shadow (don’t worry about exaggerating the look, that’s the look!) Then apply your eyeliner, make sure to just make a small line of winged eye make up if you are not comfortable with applying it. Finally, apply some purple eye shadow under your eyes and lightly apply it on the top of your eye following the shape of the winged eye liner – once all this is done, put on your mascara and don’t touch your eyes anymore.

Now, you’re gonna apply the mix of purple and white together again a little lower on your face. Once you are done with this, feel free to add a little bit more of purple on your brush and create some darker purple lines on your face and do the same with the white. This will create a nice contrast and will make your face look like a painting :). After this feel free to apply the purple/white mix on your lips and then you’re done!

Check out the makeup result below:

Check out James Charles tutorial here.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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