[Make-Up] The Subtle Pink Eye Shadow

So, I’m not really a make up blogger (and when I say not really I really mean that I never write about it) but tonight, I felt like doing so.

I think the reason why I don’t write about it is because I don’t consider myself a make up artist, which I’m not, but I do love wearing make up and applying it on my face.

I usually always go for the wing liner, I know I’m good at it but besides this, I really try to stay away from anything else. For example, putting eye shadow scares the hell out of me because I never know how it’s gonna end up. Lately though, I’ve self-taught myself how to somewhat control it and got to know which colours work on my eyes.

So last Saturday night I tried out a mix of pink and black eye shadow followed with my winged liner. Check it out below!


Here are some other pink eye shadow inspiration that I found online.

My next step is to master the black eye shadow, so expect some blog posts on that soon!

What’s your favourite eye make up? Leave a comment below!

xo, TheModMisfit.

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